26 May 2021

Mavala's hand ritual

Do you want to learn to take care of your hands, in order to always have perfect nails and skin ? We show how, with the Mavala method, a reference brand in the area of the manicure!


Mavala was established in 1958 by the amalgamation of the names of Madeleine Van Landeghem and inaugurated at that time, an innovative method for the treatment of hands.

Currently, besides being a reference of the manicure care brands, Mavala has a variety of accessible care to the treatment of feet, eyelashes, eyebrows and lips.
However, it is still in the care of the hands that this brand stands out. And although the Mavala method is complex, the results are impressive, and they have the advantage of not needing to wait for drying between the application of the different layers of treatment or nail makeup.

Ready for your best manicure ever?


Start your ritual, removing the nail polish from your nails, if any, of course. Having to do this, there are various products that you can choose according to your preferences:

1. Mavala - Rose extra mild polish remover without acetone
Is the Mavala formula without acetone, specially developed for fragile and delicate fingernails. Formulated with a perfect balance of ingredients make this product a non-aggressive care.

2. Mavala - Blue mild nail polish remover
Is the formula Mavala with acetone to effectively remove the nail polish, developed with a mild formula to minimize the aggression of acetone on your nails and cuticles. Removes nail polish very easily, without drying your nails or skin.

3. Mavala - Nail polish remover pads
Ideal for travel, these cotton disks impregnated with a mild formula, removes nail polish without acetone. Gently treat nails and don't dry the nail or the skin.

It's time to give the shape that you want to your nail. For your nails to gain the perfect shape with a healthy method, the Mavala has developed its card files. You can filing with the yellow side, your toenails and with the white side, your fingernails.

1. Mavala - Emery boards for nails
Nail file, high quality wood, very soft and easy to use, are particularly suitable for fragile nails. Have two sides with different intensities of grain.

For a more polished nail care and to allow the treatment to penetrate easily, and the makeup to be more bright and uniform, Mavala's  polishers contain a gray side, to standardize the relief of the nail, and a striped pink side for polishing.

After preparing the nail, it's time to treat your cuticles! The Mavala has options to retract, remove, nurture and to fix the finish of your cuticles, leaving the nail for the treatment and makeup.

1. Mavala - Emollient water
This water eliminates the dead cuticle nail contour. Apply with a brush on the cuticles and within seconds, the dead skins are soft and retreat easily with a manicure stick wrapped in cotton.

2. Mavala - Mavapen nutritive oil for cuticles
To prevent your cuticles dry, you need to take care of them every day, with emollient treatment and eliminate dead cuticles once a week. For that, there is the Mavapen Mavala, a felt-tip pen with oblique tip that distills a nutrient oil, emollient and soothing. Must be applied whenever necessary to keep the outline clean and nail care.

3. Mavala - Cuticles cream
This beauty treatment smoothes and softens cuticles, making them flexible, soft and easy to push. The contour of the nail remains uniform.

4. Mavala-manicure sticks
The Manicure sticks Mavala are indicated for push cuticles back and forth to clean the sides of the nail. With Buxus wood, these sticks are ideal to refine and trim the manicure.
Roll a little flattened at the tip of the cotton stick, lets push the cuticles or remove dead skin.  The other end, arrow-shaped is ideal to remove varnish stains, cleaning up the contour of the nail for a perfect manicure.

Whether you have fragile nails, ridged or thin, Mavala has a solution for you! These precautions should be the first to apply in the nail, thus ensuring that they are nourished and ready to receive the color.

1. Mavala - Nailactan nutritive cream for bittle and damaged nails
It is a nourishing cream for nails consisting of essential amino acids, lipids and vitamins keratin regulatory. Give more resistance to nails because it nourishes the nail, prevents dehydration and increases the elasticity of the plate.

2. Mavala - Scientifique nail hardener
The tip of the nail is the most fragile zoen that breaks easily and is one that should strengthen. This product hardens the cornea board (part of the nail that rests on the bed of the nail), welding between the three layers that compose it. Lets so the nail find the your normal pace of growth.

3. Mavala - Mavaderma helps spreed nail growth
The bad blood circulation can change the blood flow and slow down the growth of the nail. This product has a nourishing oil composition, enriched with protein and essential vitamins. In daily massage, Mavaderma helps activate blood circulation and critical exchanges, for rapid growth.

4. Mavala - Mava flex moisturizing serum for dry and hard nails
The nails can be very dry and harsh due to the action of external agents (chemical, excessive contact with water, solar may be overexposed, etc.) and internal agents (age, diet, heredity, ...). This penetrating, emollient and tonic, give flexibility and softness to the nail.

Just like your face, your nail need a base to standardize and prevent absorption of color of the nail polish. On Mavala, you can find make-up bases adapted to healthy nails, thin or ridged.

1. Mavala - Protective base coat 002
The nails can get stained, if they are not protected, especially of pigments of nail polishes. This base allows the perfect adherence ofnail polish, effectively prolonging the duration of manicure. The formula of Mavala 002 prevents pigments to come into direct contact with the surface of the nail, causing unaesthetic yellowing.

2. Mavala - Nail shield reinforces and protects fragile nails
Soft and brittle nails are common to many women, in such a way that often lose hope to have long, beautiful and strong nails. This product has two phases that restores the nails the strength and endurance needed for it's healthy growth. This shield is ideal for thin soft, brittle and weakened nails.

5. Mavala - Ridge filler smoothes nail surface
This product fills instantly irregularities and stretch marks of the nails. Makes it easy to manicure and gives a  natural and attractive result.

Now, we have reached the best part! On Mavala , nail polish can be found in a variety of colors and finishes  that do not contain nickel, heavy metals, parabens or formaldehyde. The hard part will be to pick the color!

1. Mavala nail polishes
Mavala's nail polishes are recognized around the world for a tiny little bottles full of color and liveliness. The truth is that the iconic Mini Varnishes Mavala has the ideal amount of product (5 ml), to be used without dry before it reaches the end.
The Mavala formulation, consists of carefully selected ingredients. Are mainly formulated by a mixing of different resins, solvents and colored pigments, wisely determined to enable easy application and a perfect grip. The pallet of colors Mavala, allows the choice of colors for all tastes and styles. Are available with creamy, Pearlescent, metallic or glitter (glitter finish).

For that your manicurist remain shiny and intact for much longer, or even to accelerate drying, Mavala offers different care adapted to the needs and tastes of each person.

2. Mavala - Colorfix strong flexible top coat
This product is a colorless nail polish, flexible and reinforced with acryl, component that forms an ultra-bright, hard and elastic film on the nail polish.
Protects against the beat up and erosion, prevents varnish click, gives a incomparable luster and enhances your color in addition to prolong the duration of manicure.

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