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Cuticle cream softens and beautifies cuticles - Mavala

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    Mavala Cuticles cream 15ml
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Mavala - Cuticles cream 15ml

Crème cuticule penetrante - Mavala

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Dry cuticles, damaged and hard?

Mavala Cuticle Cream is beauty treatment that smoothes and softens cuticles.

Keep them flexible, soft and easy to push.

The contour of the nail remains uniform.


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It's called "cuticle" to the skin that fits the nail protecting them from all kinds of attacks and infections.

Cuticles renew themselves and become dry and hard. They groove and end up ripping, which is painful. 

To avoid this, we need to take care of them every day, with an emollient treatment and eliminate dead cuticles once a week.

How to use






Apply around the nail heart, particularly at the base. Massage cuticles with a firm rotating motion towards the hands and allow the cream to penetrate. Best when used daily, at bedtime, to allow the product to act during the night. Once a week or when doing your manicure, push back cuticles with a manicure stick wrapped in cotton. Remove traces of Cuticle Cream on nails before continuing with manicure, to allow base coat and nail polish to adhere.



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