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About sweetcare

Sweetcare is a portuguese online store, of cosmetics
and dermo cosmetics, that commercializes products worldwide.


The client is our number one priority and therefore we work for him every day. It is our policy to offer the best product of the best brand, the one that is safer, more effective, has the best quality and, of course, 100% original, because Sweetcare is the official distributor of the brand. So, we represent more than 300 brands and we sale more than 10.000 products. We know that we have the best service and the best products for you and your family!  

Our goal on product differentiation has allowed us to be, in the present, the number 1 online store in Portugal and in the countries with Portuguese as official language.

A pride that we share with our clients and with our partners who accompany us through the past 10 years and who helped us grow and accomplish our success.

But we want to continue sharing our conquers. We are here, as always, 7 days a week, 24h a day, to recommend, to inform, to share this fantastic world that beauty and cosmetic is.

On the avant-garde of the online world, Sweetcare presents its new platform, innovative, easy to use and disposable for Smartphone, IPAD and Tablet.

A new world of advantages just for you!