Emery Boards for Nails - Mavala

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    Mavala Emery Boards for Nails  8 un.
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Mavala - Emery Boards for Nails 8 un.

Limes à Ongles - Mavala

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Mavala Emery Boards, with high quality wood, very soft and easy to use.

Are particularly suitable for fragile nails.

Mavala Emery Boards have two sides with different intensities of grain:

  • grey, more wrinkled, ideal to quickly reduce the size of the nail
  • white, with a fine grain for perfecting the nail

How to use






Using long, sweeping strokes from side to center, lightly shape the nail with the rough, abrasive side of the nail file. Then, using the finer, lighter side, smooth and bevel the nail edge. Avoid filing deep into the corners, as this tends to weaken the nails.


Mavala's hand ritual
Mavala's hand ritual
Do you want to learn to take care of your hands, in order to always have perfect nails and skin ? We show how, with the Mavala method, a reference brand in the area of the manicure!

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