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How to revitalize your eye contour

09 February 2019

do you feel your look tired and heavy? More lines marked? Thin skin and dark circles? Then this article is for you! Meet the products that will help you to restore a more rejuvenated eye contour!

Because it might seem cliché but it's true that the eye contour area, often neglected, gives a tired and heavier look to your face. There are a lot of skincare that you can adopt and incorporate into your routine to achieve a more rested, rejuvenated and smoothed look. Let's go to know them?



Sometimes we forget that one of the more delicate areas of the face is also the place where we carry out more attacks with application and cleaning of makeup, long hours on the computer, rubbing and stretching, which accelerate the aging process of this area. The care stars with proper cleasing, with or without makeup, but especially if you use it, you should be extra careful and use the right products so you can eliminate it effectively but  with smoothness.




La Roche Posay || Toleriane eye make-up remover sterile single doses

Despite not being able to taken the waterproof make up, this product cleans sensitive eyes instantly, efficiently and without rubbing.

Fragrance-free and preservative-free, packaged in sterile pod, this makeup remover is effective thanks to the presence of sodium Hyaluronate, traditionally used in ophthalmic surgery. Super practical to take on the road or wherever you go, to little touch ups.


Biotherm || Biosource balm-to-oil

Is a comfortable balm that becomes a silky oil and ends as a soothing milk, dissolving all types of makeup even waterproof..

Heat a small amount of  balm in your hand and massage into dry skin. Emulsify with a little bit of water and rinse thoroughly. Leaves skin clean and nourished being worshipped by the dry skin tipes.


Caudalie || Sweet almond oil make up remover

For a clean and delicate make-up removal, this texture eliminates all types of make-up, even water-proof.

Apply a small amount of the product across the face with a gentle massage, that will dissolve all the makeup and dirt on skin. Insist on the eyes, gently, and remove with water.


Bioderma || Sensibio h20 cleaning micellar solution for sensitive skin

Sensibio H2O is a reference  in the micelle cleaning types: decongests, soothes, refreshes and removes make-up from the face and eyes of the sensitive and intolerant skin,  respecting the cutaneous balance.
Has soothing and decongestant assets that prevent irritation often associated with the cleaning of the skin and has an excellent ocular  and skin tolerance  (ophthalmologically tested).

Where necessary, soak a cotton or cotton swab and repeat the application until the cotton ends without dirt. It is not necessary to rinse but you can improve cleaning with a thermal water spray and a passage of a dry cotton.


Biotherm || Biocils anti-chute effect eye make up removal

It is a  biphasic Cleansing care for eyes , and removes waterproof makeup.

The fall of eyelashes during the cleansing process is reduced.

Shake well before using. Apply with a dry cotton. Does not require rinsing.



Not always your eye cream is enough to handle the special needs of the eye contour and that's when the specific extra treatments should be incorporated in your routine. In most nights, days of extreme tiredness or just to pamper the periocular region, here are suggestions of masks that don't you do not want to lose of sight.







Taaj ||Kerala radiant eye contour anti-puffiness & anti-dark circles

Is actually an eye cream but that, by its characteristics, you can also use as a mask onto eye contour and eyelids.

Is a fresh gel that acts simultaneously at dark circles, for a look enlightened, derived from fatigue marks and stress! Can enhance its action if you leave it in the fridge.


Clarins || Skin-smoothing eye mask anti-fatigue and lifting

Is an  gel/cream, relaxing and with a decongestant effect, suitable for all skin types. Eliminates fatigue marks, smoothes wrinkles  and attenuates instantly bags and dark circles.
Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes and remove the excess with the help of a cotton disk. For a more intensive action, use a generous amount as a night cream.


Shiseido || Benefiance wrinkle resist24 pure retinol instant treatment eye mask

Is a patch eye mask suitable for all ages, all types of skin with wrinkles and dryness. Improves instantly the wrinkles and dryness of the eye contour, inhibiting the process of formation of future wrinkles, maintains the high hydration effect and improves the dark circles and eye contour spleen aspect.

Apply 2 to 3 times a week, after clear and smooth the skin, placing the patch on the eye contour and leave for 15 minutes, after which, must withdraw and apply the eye cream.


Klorane || Cyan flower soothing and relaxing eye contour patches

Rich in floral water of cyan and arnica, these patches have a draining and decongestant action and act effectively to mitigate the signs of fatigue and freshness and rest, after sun exposure.

One-off use, is a real stroke of brilliance, allowing an immediate effect of fresh lok. Continuously, has a long-lasting  straightening effect.

Apply the patch without pressing into the inner contour of the eyes and leave 20 minutes and, if you want to enhance the effectiveness of these patches, you can put them in the refrigerator before using.


Sesderma || C-vit eye contour patches with vitamin c

Adhesives impregnated with vitamin C to protect and strengthen the resistance of the skin.

The skin around the eyes is very thin and delicate, so quickly shows signs of fatigue and tiredness, sometimes giving a sloppy appearance. So you need a lot of care specific to keep it moisturized and protected.

They are suitable for all skin types, just apply an adhesive petal in the lower eyelid, let it acting about 10 to 15 minutes and massage the residue remaining on the skin .



In the treatment phase, you should adapt the product to skin needs of your eye contour . Let's see options and alternatives that will help you achieve a flawless skin!



If you want to invest in a complete routine, you can start by applying a specific serum for the periocular area and combining it with a cream.

De-puff action


Clinique || All about eyes, eye contour treatment

It is a decongestant product that has immediate effect, with a rollerball system that gives immediate freshness and hydration to puffy eyes. Illuminate the eye area instantaneously and over time.

It is ideal to always walk with you so you can use it anytime and anywhere and can combine it with an eye cream. For a powerfull shot effect, leave it in the fridge overnight and use it the morning!


Brightening effect

Sesderma || K-vit anti-dark circles serum

It is a preventive  and corrective care for dark circles and other signs of aging skin in the eye contour thanks to its composition of vitamin K oxide encapsulated liposomes. This sérum has the ability to reduce the accumulation of blood pigments, improving the appearance of dark circles. Furthermore, in the formula we found also active plant and hyaluronic acid and organic silicon, improving the area of microcirculation, helping to correct the characteristic signs of aging around the eyes (bags and wrinkles).

You must apply a drop of serum on the lookout and perform a light massage from inside to outside.


The above serums may be combined with a cream to potentiate their effects. There are solutions for all problems!


Clinique || Even better eyes dark circle corrector

With an ultra-light texture, this moisturizing care directed to the eye contour visibly alleviates dark circles by 30% in a 12-week period. Its composition with ingredients that strengthen the skin - vitamin C and root-of-mulberry tree - make it less transparent, reducing the appearance of dark circles around the eyes. Additionally, a metal tip, associated with green tea extract in the composition allows a refreshing massage of the lower eyelid, reducing puffiness.

This dual-action, anti-puffiness and dark circles, is achieved by draining action and the activation of microcirculation, promoting the elimination of toxic components, responsible for eyestrain.

It should be applied twice daily and, according to your needs, you can then reapply throughout the day.


Skinceuticals || Aox eye gel triple antioxidant treatment to combat photoaging and signs of fatigue

This revolutionary serum-gel contain a synergistic combination of antioxidants that help protect the delicate area around the eyes, oxidative stress, while active incorporated in the formulation, revitalize the skin under the eye by reducing the appearance of puffiness and dark circles. In addition, to prevent signs of aging already installed, it corrects existing damage, helping to reduce puffiness and bags.

In the morning, apply 1/2 pumped by zone, the area below the eyes, the outer corners and bone area of ​​the eyebrows.


Estée Lauder || Re-nutriv ultimate contouring eye lift

It is a product with an innovative formula consisting of potent and precious ingredients that helps helps repair, recharge and restore the skin's appearance.
This allows the applicator stimulation zone through massage, which increases blood circulation, energizing the appearance of the skin.



Shiseido || Sun protection eye cream spf25

For those who have the periocular area prone pigmentosa, but not only, this product promises not only protect how to treat. It helps clarify the eye contour and helps prevent degradation of elastin, moisturizing and protecting.
Anti-oxidizing effect, smooths without leaving the skin greasy!


La Roche Posay || Toleriane ultra eyes contour for very sensitive and alergic eyes

Contour demanding eyes, this product is developed with the same technology as Ultra Toleriane Face, and is indicated for extremely sensitive eyes, with redness, itching, puffiness and swelling, and discomfort.
The packaging, sealed, ensures a pure formula and with high tolerance since it has no preservatives and provides extreme comfort, instant and lasting a damaged, irritated and / or sensitized, either by aggressive treatment, or by a cutaneous allergy and presenting daily discomfort.


Karin Herzog || Eye cream anti-aging treatment with oxygen

This formula, enriched with nourishing and soothing vitamins, has 0.5% oxygen and is specially designed to act on dark circles, illuminating the skin and prevent wrinkles. It is particularly interesting in reducing fine wrinkles and restoring the hydrolipidic film on the eye contour, to maximize the comfort of the skin.
It has the advantage that it can also be applied to the lip contour area giving them firmness, hydration and reducing fine wrinkles. Apply morning and evening around the eyes without massage.


Adjust the way you apply your  eye care to your skin needs


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