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Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector - Clinique

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    Clinique Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector 10 mL
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Clinique - Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector 10 mL

Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector - Clinique



With an ultra-light texture, this moisturizer care targeted at the eye area, visibly alleviates dark circles by 30% in a 12-week period.

Brightens instantly all skins, from the lightest to the darkest!

Its composition with ingredients that strengthen the skin - vitamin C and mulberry root - make it less transparent, reducing the appearance of dark circles around the eyes.

Additionally, its metal tip, associated with green tea extract in the composition, allows a refreshing massage of the lower eyelid, reducing puffiness.

This double action, anti-puffiness and dark circles, is achieved by draining action and the activation of microcirculation, promoting the elimination of toxic components, responsible for eye fatigue.

How to Use






Must be applied twice daily.

As necessary can then reapply throughout the day.

Gently squeeze a small amount of product and slide the applicator on the eye contour.

Use finger to smooth out any excess until absorbed.

The Even Better line

Is your problem the discoloration caused by acne and sun? Clinique developed dermatological solutions to mitigate or eliminate skin blemishes, becoming a pioneer in this fight with Even Better line.

It has results comparable to those most prescribed ingredients by dermatologists. After the first four weeks, you can enjoy a more uniform and radiant tone. Use them comfortably for a long period of time. And the results will be guaranteed!


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