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Idôle Nectar L'Eau de Parfum

01 August 2022

The scent for a generation of conquering, outright, multi-activist women. Discover Lancôme's first neo gourmand perfume.


Discover the new luminous signature, Idôle Nectar, a fragrance that is inspired by all women who lead the way to a better world! Women of grit, without limits, who aim for success and unity.

A peach-colored bottle with a holographic halo that symbolizes and radiates light, a tribute to the determination and optimism of a generation that aspires and contributes for a better tomorrow.

Idôle Nectar

A Neo-Gourmand fragrance where ingredients such as:

Rose Soufflé: where the essence of Rose of Isparta, Rose Centifolia and Rose Absolute, the queen of roses embracing the fresh floral aspect of Idôle are present.

As a heart note comes a Popcorn Chord, a surprising ingredient that embraces those who feel it in a gourmand and intense addition.

As a bottom note, the involvement of sustainably sourced Bourbon Vanilla which takes on a powerful and irresistible side and gives this facet of Idôle an exclusive and captivating touch!

With sustainably sourced ingredients, this new scent is created to leave its mark on the future.