• Body Hair Removal

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  • Hair removal is growing more popular, and there are numerous procedures now, including shaving, waxing, and laser hair removal. Nevertheless, these treatments might cause skin irritation and pain if not done properly. To prevent this, browse our products and find the one you've been looking for at SweetCare to turn wax into a fun - and not so unpleasant - time!

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    1. Klorane - Cold Wax for Sensitive Areas Bands 6 un.
    2. Klorane - Depilatory Cream 150mL
    3. Intea - Chamomile Occulting Body Hair Lotion 100mL
    4. Klorane - Cold Wax Legs Hair Removal Bands 6 un.
    5. Zwilling - Twinox Tweezers Squared-Off Satin-Finish 9cm 1 un.
    6. Klorane - Depilatory Cream 75mL