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SWEETMAG | Fillerina

SWEETMAG | Fillerina®, the Non-Invasive Hyaluronic Acid Filler!

Anti-wrinkle, firming and plumping action, proven to be effective, Fillerina® was developed to restore hyaluronic acid in the skin, as in aesthetic medicine, but in a non-invasive way, without needles.


Revolutionary products for results comparable to those obtained with hyaluronic acid microinjections! Correct the appearance of wrinkles, improve skin texture and add volume to lips and cheekbones.



Mission: to get results which are comparable to those achieved with hyaluronic acid microinjections; thus correcting the appearance of wrinkles, improving skin texture and providing more volume to the lips and cheekbones. Fillerina was created in 2007 for this purpose, using only the topical application of this active ingredient, in a patented blend containing 12different hyaluronic acid molecules.