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Smart Beauty

07 July 2022

A forerunner in the field of beauty, Clarins sees the plant world as an inexhaustible source of inspiration and, combining Nature and Science perfectly, is in constant innovation.


Over the years Clarins Laboratories have blazed trails for the cosmetics world that are still followed today, giving rise to products that have driven change in the care, sun protection and well-being market.

"Do more, do it better and enjoy doing it" - one of the mottos that drive Clarins to go beyond what is expected and that are at the origin of such innovative products as UV Plus, Instant Beauty or the new Milky Boost Capsules. Smarter, more sustainable beauty care!

UV Plus

Pollution is everywhere, even where we wouldn't suspect. After "Listening, observing and understanding" the harmful consequences of the environment we live in on our skin, Clarins has reinvented UV Plus.

A multi-protection moisturizing cream with revolutionary skin defense technology. Clarins' first anti-pollution and UV protection cream that protects against 5 pollutants found in everyday life: atmospheric, indoor, pollen, blue light and photopollution. A shield care that simultaneously strengthens the skin's self-defense mechanisms and prevents future skin damage caused by UV rays and pollution.

Light and easily absorbed, in a translucent or beige shade, apply it every day after finishing your skin care routine and before applying makeup.

Instant Beauty

The Instant Beauty range brings the best of Nature and Science to skin rejuvenation. The true example of Clarins continuously improved formulas that remain at the forefront of innovation.

3 anti-fatigue products, 3 solutions that promote radiant skin and transform skin, in an instant, as if by magic.

Baume Beauté Eclair – plant-based. A radiance cocktail that instantly reduces signs of fatigue and awakens skin's luminosity, while leaving a softening effect and minimized wrinkles.

Use it as a daily care product or combined with your regular moisturizing day cream or alternatively as a face mask 2-3 times a week.

Peeling Beauté Eclair – chemical-based (AHA, BHA). It chemically exfoliates the skin and accelerates its regeneration to visibly improve lack of radiance, skin irregularities or the most visible wrinkles. The skin becomes plumper, more even and radiant, and the texture becomes homogeneous and the pores closed.

2-3 times a week, apply a thin layer to clean, dry face, avoiding the eye area. Leave on for 5-10 minutes, then apply regular night care

Roller Resculptant Eclair – the mechanical base. The dream accessory for sculpting the face and promoting the "lift" effect, achieving instant luminosity. Massage, drain, and relax your face, at home, in an instant.


Makeup results with skin care benefits. A makeup base capsule that cares for skin daily, promoting skin's radiance, firmness and hydration while protecting it from pollutants. Its fluid, ultrasensitive base makes the complexion naturally radiant and even. Perfectly designed to be practical and to be able to take the ideal amount of capsules anywhere.

Milky Boost Capsules are developed in an eco-friendly way, with biodegradable and combustible capsules. In a refillable technology and in perfect doses that allow a natural coverage and a satin finish with just one capsule, avoiding waste.


With bio-inspiration as a cross-cutting approach, Clarins draws inspiration from the intelligence of nature to innovate consciously and take Beauty one step further. Sustainable development is the opportunity given to us to pioneer relevant topics and initiate new practices.