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Sesderma Routine for the Perfect Makeup

12 December 2022

We know that behind a perfect makeup, there is much more than the makeup itself. The quality of the skin that will be made up will greatly influence the result obtained.


Generally speaking, there are 3 crucial factors related to skin quality that will determine a better or worse makeup (logically ruling out all those situations that imply skin pathologies). They are:


A fundamental need for all skin types. There is still often confusion between hydration and nutrition. Hydration is related to the water levels in the skin, while nutrition is related to the lipid, or fat, content. While it is true that nutrition will be a necessity especially for dryer skin, hydration is necessary for all skin types, even oily skin.

Signs such as tightness, itching, increased sensitivity, lack of softness or flaking are the manifestations we most often associate with dehydrated skin.

And it may be factors as simple as air conditioning, the change of season with the arrival of cold and wind, the use of more aggressive cosmetics, among others, that may be the basis of the phenomena of dehydration, which justifies this being such a frequent situation.

A dehydrated skin will be much more prone to "chapping" or "crumbling" when applying makeup, and as such, hydration will be a key factor in obtaining satisfactory makeup results.

In terms of hydration, we highlight active ingredients that, like hyaluronic acid, have the ability to adsorb water to its surface, retaining it longer in the skin and, as such, preventing its excessive loss and consequent dehydration.


At Sesderma, the range in which hyaluronic acid is the highlighted active is HIDRADERM HYAL. To make the most of the potential of this active, we use 3 types of hyaluronic acid in its formulation - hyaluronic acid of high free molecular weight, which on the surface will exert a filmogen effect, instantly smoothing the skin; hyaluronic acid of low molecular weight and very low molecular weight liposomes.

Thanks to the encapsulation of these actives in liposomes, we are able to reach deeper layers of the skin for a deep active hydration.


Skin texture is related to skin smoothness, which in turn is closely related to the accumulation of dead skin cells on the surface. When these accumulate in excess at the surface, they leave a rough feel, uneven tone and uneven skin grain with enlarged pores. To prevent this, exfoliation is essential. We can opt for weekly physical exfoliation and/or chemical exfoliation, which can be done on a daily basis. The use of products with glycolic acid in the composition will be especially interesting for those who want to improve skin texture. Note, however, that this is an active that, especially during the period of skin habituation and in the most delicate skins, may trigger some sensations of discomfort such as redness, tightness or even flaking. For this reason, it will be an active that we will use preferably in the night routine and that we will introduce in a gradual way in the routine - always starting with lower dosages and eventually in alternate nights, at least in an initial period. As the skin gets used to it, we can start using it daily and in higher dosages.


Our answer with glycolic acid is the ACGLICOLIC range. With free and liposomal glycolic acid and actives with regenerating and moisturizing properties, it is a range that allows us the maximum renewing benefits of the active, with increased tolerance. We find in this range products with lower concentrations - as is the case of liposomal serum, with 6% of glycolic or the Classic range (with moisturizers for different skin types with 8 to 10% of free glycolic acid and liposomal) and products with higher concentrations - the range 20 that includes 15% of free glycolic acid and liposomal in 4 textures for different skin types.


It is undoubtedly one of the most valued aspects of makeup. Just as important as choosing makeup products that enhance this aspect is the fact that the skin itself is also luminous. And when we talk about luminosity, there is a fundamental active ingredient - vitamin C. This is, in fact, one of the most loved active ingredients in skincare. Besides promoting luminosity in the skin, it is a powerful antioxidant, which protects our skin from free radicals - closely related to premature skin aging. It is also an active that promotes collagen synthesis, helping to prevent and reduce the first wrinkles, and a depigmenting agent that helps keep skin tone uniform.

One of the great challenges in formulating products with vitamin C is the fact that this is an active, which in its pure form (ascorbic acid), oxidizes very easily, losing its properties and can cause spots on the skin, since oxidized vitamin C takes on an orange-brown coloration.


Sesderma's C-VIT range is a reference in the vitamin C segment and one of the most loved by consumers, as it makes use of 3 strategies in its formulation that ensure excellent stability, avoiding the risk of oxidation of the active. First, we use in the formulation of most of the products in the range, a stabilized vitamin C derivative - 3 ethyl ascorbic acid, very resistant to oxidative phenomena and with proven effectiveness. In addition, this active is encapsulated in liposomes, which improves not only the effectiveness - since the active can penetrate deeper layers of the skin, but also improves the stability since the liposome also acts as a protection against agents such as air or water that could oxidize the active. Finally, we combine stabilized and liposomed vitamin C with a complex of three other antioxidants - the Antiox Booster System, with quercetin, pterostilbene and Ginkgo biloba, which multiplies the protection against undesirable oxidations x 4.

In this way, the C-VIT range provides excellent levels of effectiveness, with great tolerance and resistance to unwanted oxidation, and can be used even in the day-to-day routine on hot days.

Get inspired by our special make-up routine



1 - Hygiene with SENSYSES CLEANSER LIGHTENING. In addition to cleansing and removing makeup perfectly, its formulation with stabilized vitamin C and liposomal, protects the skin from oxidative stress, improves its brightness, helps to even the tone and prevent aging by stimulating the synthesis of collagen.

2 - On the eye contour area, apply a small amount of GLICARE EYE AND LIP CONTOUR with light touches on the eye area. It is a moisturizing care that reduces wrinkles and also has a beneficial effect on puffiness and dark circles.

3 - On the face, on clean and dry skin, apply a few drops of C-VIT LIPOSSOMAL SERUM with a gentle massage until completely absorbed. The stabilized and liposomed vitamin C that we use in its formulation protects the skin from oxidative stress, improves its luminosity, helps to uniform the tone and prevent aging by stimulating the synthesis of collagen. If you want a reinforced anti-aging effect, we recommend that you opt for C-VIT 5 Liposomal Serum that besides vitamin C includes an anti-aging complex.

4 - Hydrate the face with HIDRADERM HYAL. With 3 types of liposomal hyaluronic acid, it hydrates from the surface to the deepest layers of the skin. In case your skin is combination to oily, we recommend the face cream version. In case you have dry to very dry skin, you should opt for the nourishing cream version.

5 - Finish your morning routine with sun protection by applying REPASKIN SILKY TOUCH SPF50. Its silicon finish leaves the skin with a soft touch, without any shine or white streaks. It is also perfect as a makeup primer, and after applying it you can proceed with your makeup.



1 - Apply OCEANSKIN CLEANSING GEL on dry, made-up skin as the first step of double cleansing. Massaged onto dry skin, the gel turns into an oil that will effectively dissolve makeup and sunscreen even water resistant. Next, moisten your hands and massage again. In contact with water, the oil emulsifies, becoming milky in appearance. Finally, rinse with plenty of water.

2 - Complete the hygiene with the second step of the double cleansing by applying with a cotton pad SENSYSES CLEANSER LIGHTENING.

3 - In the eye contour area, apply a small amount of GLICARE EYE AND LIP CONTOUR with light touches on the bone area.

4 - On the face, with clean skin, apply a few drops of ACGLICOLIC LIPOSOMAL SERUM with a circular massage to enhance absorption. Formulated with free glycolic acid and liposomal, promotes cell renewal, improving skin texture and uniformity of tone. By stimulating the synthesis of collagen, it is also an important anti-aging asset. By preventing the accumulation of dead cells in the pilosebaceous follicle it will prevent the appearance of acneic imperfections and refine the grain of the skin. In the most sensitive skins, we recommend starting this care only every other night, so that the skin gradually gets used to the renewing effect of glycolic acid and minimize the risk of sensitivity.

5 - Moisturize the face with HIDRADERM HYAL Face Cream or Nourishing Cream according to the skin type.