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The solution for a tanned skin all year round!

22 November 2021

Who has never dreamed of a natural, beautiful and long-lasting tan? Learn all about the tips and solutions that make that dream come true, with the use of Frezyderm's Bronze Water Colour Mist!

We know that keeping your skin tanned all year round may seem like a difficult task to achieve but getting the colour you want is much simpler than it seems and... you don't have to leave home to do it!

Bronze Water Color Mist from Frezyderm is a self-tanning water for the face and body, which provides a fast, long-lasting tan that matches your natural colour. All this while protecting keratinocytes from oxidative stress!



Frezyderm bronze water color mist

Is Bronze Water Colour Mist suitable for my skin? 

This self-tanner is compatible with all skin types. It is suitable for photosensitive skin, individuals suffering from vitiligo, difficult-to-tan phototypes, acting as a solarium substitute.
One of the many advantages of Bronze Water Color Mist resides in its formulation: formulated without erythulose, parabens and propellant gas, thus avoiding overloading your skin.


How to apply?

Applying a self-tanner doesn't have to be a difficult or time-consuming process! The Bronze Water Color Mist packaging was developed with you in mind, so the application process has been made easier with a mist effect diffuser that allows an even application of the product, it is only necessary to spread it gently with the hands.

Tips for a perfect tan

To ensure you get the perfect tan follow these tips:

1 - Before applying the self-tanner:
Exfoliate. It is important that you exfoliate your skin at least 3 days before applying the Bronze Water Colour Mist. This ensures that all dead cells are removed and contributes to a better absorption of the product.

2- During application:
Of course moisturising your skin is an essential step in your daily routine, however on the day of applying the self-tanner, the skin should be clean and free of residues from other products this will ensure that the self-tanning pigments are better absorbed.
After spraying evenly, it is only necessary to spread the product gently and wait 15 minutes for it to dry before getting dressed. Repeat this process for 3 nights in a row and you can enjoy the result: a natural tan that will make your skin even more beautiful!