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The best active ingredients ... and where you can find them!

09 February 2019

Cosmetics is an endless world of technologies, textures and innovation! But no matter what happens, these 5 ingredients will always be safe options!

At SweetCare we love all kinds of cosmetics; frim the products based on natural ingredients, to the ones with high tech technologies. However, we will always have a special place in our hearts for those classic ingredients; which we will always come back to!

If you still don't know the most effective active ingredients the cosmetic industry has to offer; ee tell you everything you need to know about them, and show some of the products in our store that contain them:



This ingredient is naturally present in our skin, where it's responsible for its filling. However, our skin loses the ability to replace the hyaluronic acid from this deeper layer; thus contributing to loss of firmness, but also to the wrinkles appearance.

Hyaluronic acid is able to retain approximately 1000 times it's own weight in water, so it is not hard to understand what makes it so attractive!

You can find this ingredient in skincare and anti-aging moisturizers, but in these cases the aim will not be refill the dermis, since this is a very deep layer; but it penetrates the epidermis capturing large amounts of water to it's surface. This way, the skin becomes smoother, instantly softer and also plumped.

The Hidraderm Hyal from Sesderma (1) contains hyaluronic acid of 3 different molecular weights, thus filling the 3 levels of the epidermis. Already the serum Hyaluronic acid intensifier of Skinceuticals (2) aims at delivering hyaluronic acid to the skin, while the production in your skin stimulates the action of pro-xylane.

To provide a preventative anti-aging action, also with a soothing and gentle filling component, the serum Hyalu b5 of La Roche Posay (3) is an excellent watch!

If you are looking for a lifting effect care using also the 3 different molecular weights of this ingredient, we suggest the Hyaluronic Acid aquagel Collistar's (4).



The retinol is able to promote the epidermis renewal , reduce sebum production, increase collagem production and reducing its degradation, decrease the melanin production, and much more! No doubt it's the most popular vitamin A derivative in cosmetics, acting on the skin by interacting with specific receptors, which in it's turm stimulate gene expression in the multiple cell types that make up the skin.

If you are looking for an option dedicated to smooth and brighten the eye contour area, the Wrinkle resist24 pure retinol eye contour mask from Shiseido (1) is an excellent option for you! If you want to have a skin rejuvenation of the entire face, we recommend the Skinceuticals Retinol 0.3 (2), a concentrated care with high tolerance.

For those who want a product that associate retinol to several other active ingredients, we recommend the Skin active matrix support spf30 from Neostrata (3) which associates 8% neoglucosamine, redensifying peptides, vitamin E and antioxidant extracts; also with UVA and UVB protection (SPF30).

In case you've never used any product containing this ingredient, or if you just want to supplement your beauty routine with a bit of retinol; we suggest the CliqueOne A15 with a 0,15% concentration.



The ingredient that will bring light to your skin! Vitamin C is well-known for all of us, and just like the retinol it has several actions on the multiple cells that constitute our skin, being a true multi-function ingredient! Besides being a potent antioxidant, thus protecting the skin, vitamin C is capable of stimulating the collagen production, and reduce the melanin synthesis. Thus, we can find this ingredient in anti-ageing products, depigmenters and even sunscreens!

Auriga specializes in the development high performance formulations, and the brand combined with ISDINCEUTICS to launch the Flavo-C (1) in Portugal. This product has 8% vitamin C in it's pure form, but also Ginkgo biloba extract, which provides additional antioxidant action.

If you're looking for a product containing this ingredient for the eye contour area, we recommend the Energy C of Mesoestitic (2) without a doubt, which also contains organic silicium, able to moisturize and regenerate the elastin fibers.

For the most innovative customers, seeking a protective and potent anti-aging action, the Skin Complex ampoles from Martiderm (3) are an excellent choice! In addition to containing 15% vitamin C, it's formula contains 5% vitamins A, B5, E and F; in addition to 5% 89 + Proteum proteoglycans, that provide the skin with more firmness and elasticity, to stimulate the synthesis of proteoglycans and hyaluronic acid.

On the other hand, and for those who have a particularly sensitive skin but still would like to use this ingredient in their beauty routine; the safest option is the Restoring serum from Youth Lab (4), which has a stabilized and less acidic vitamin C derivative, alongside the Neodermyl ®, Progeline ®, biomético Peptide of Elafina and Have ' up ® technologies; that assist the rejuvenation and improving skin tone.

For customers who have already surrendered to the effects of vitamin C and a careful especially focused, we recommend the Hydracid C20 of the SVR (5), which contains no more than 20% of vitamin C!



Also known as vitamin B3 or vitamin PP, Niacinamide is an ingredient well tolerated by most skin types, which can be used to combat the signs of aging, but also in moisturizing products.

Niacinamide has the ability to stimulate the ceramides production, that are essential for the skin to retain water on it's surface; but also to reduce the excessive sebum production, which makes skin oily. Additionally, this ingredient has a stimulating hability on the collagen synthesis, which is complemented by an anti-glycation and the capacity to reduced the spreding of the melanin that is already formed.

For all these reasons, the use of products containing Niacinamide can be beneficial for all skin types, especially the most sensitiveones!

In this sense, and if you suffer from atopy, the Atoderm Intensive range from Bioderma (1) is an excellent choice, since it combines high emoliency formulas to this ingredient, thus reinforcing the skim barrier that tends to be compromised in this cases.

If your main concern is acne, so characteristic from teenage years; the Sebiaclear active from SVR (2) can help reduce the excessive oiliness also promoting skin hydration, by containing 4% Niacinamide; While the concentrated 14% gluconolactone + salicylic acid allow skin exfoliation.

For anyone who cares about spots and want to reduce their appearance;  Lierac has Lumilogie double concentrate (3), which offers 2 distinct formulations for day and night. The day formulation contains Niacinamice, thus enabling a non sensitizing anti-spot action.

If your concern is skin aging, Galénic offers the luxurious Secret Of Excellence (4) where you can find niacinamide, but also vitamins C, E and hyaluronic acid.



These are the most recent ingredients, but by no means less interesting! Peptides have the particularity to mimic the action of cellular messengers that exist in our organism, ordering the skin cells to perform certain actions.

If you want to add these ingredients at your skin cleansing routine, Pureoglicol features the purifying cleansing milk with tri-peptides (1). These ingredients make the Prolixir S20 patent that is targeting the ubiquitin-proteasome system (Ub-P); which in it's turn time is responsible for removing the damaged proteins in cells, whose accumulation can become toxic.

For whom the eye bags and dark circles are the main concern, Remescar anti-puffiness and dark circles is undoubtedly one of the most innovative products in recent years. It's  exclusive EYESYL technology is combined with clay minerals and a bi-peptide complex; providing an immediate tensor effect of the skin, reducing permeability from the capillaries that surround the eye, and then refraining the fluids accumulation responsible for puffiness and dark circles generatiom. Additionally, this product prevents the muscle contractions that lead to the formation of wrinkles.

In case your expression wrinkles affect other areas from the face other than the eye contour; we recommend the Btses localized wrinkles inhibitor gel from Sesderma (3); You can apply freely in areas that your face tends to wrinkle (between the eyebrows, chin, eye contour, upper lip or nasolabial folds).

If you want a flash effect and super practical application, you really have to check the Beauty-flash spray from Comodynes (4)! This product  has a immediate tensor effect, reducing the pores diameter and disguising the appearance of wrinkles. Luminous and toned skin.



Of all the ingredients, these are probably those that provide the fastest action! The alpha-hidroxiacids are capable of binding to the links between epidemic cells, allowing their separation. This way, the epidermis is in refined, and the hyper pigmentation, wrinkles and complexionirregularities are quickly smudged. Glycolic acid is the most powerful one, but it can become irritating for sensitive skin. In their turn, the lactic citric, tartaric and malic acids tend to exert a smoother action, being better tolerated by these skin types.

The Visionnaire Crescendo by Lancome (1) provides a progressive peeling, alternating a first formula containing little concentrated in AHA's from fruit extracts; with a second formula containing 0,5% salicylic acid and 9,5% glycolic acid.

If you are looking for a more intense home peeling also with antioxidant action; Neostrata has an excellent option for you! The Citriate home peeling system (2) consists of a first renovation phase of renovation, whose pads are soaked in a solution containg 10% glycolic and citric acids; followed by the post-peel phase with 2% lactobionic acid and 4% gluconolactone.

For a daily use, Clarins has the Gentle exfoliator (3); that contains both glycolic and tartaric acids; thus making a gentle and progressive exfoliation.

If you would like to do a home soft peeling, Filorga combines the NCTF to AHA's; creating the Age-peel kit (4). The pre-peeling wipes contain papaya enzymes with an action similar to that of the acids, preparing the skin for the treatment that follows; while peeling mask conveys 6 different hydroxyacids for a high tolerance exfoliating action.

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