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Citriate Home Peeling System - Neostrata

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    Neostrata Citriate Home System Peeling 6 Disks x 1,5 mL
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Neostrata - Citriate Home System Peeling 6 Disks x 1,5 mL

Targeted Treatment Citriate Home Peeling System - Neostrata

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NeoStrata Citriate Home Peeling System high strength home use system. 

This peeling system promotes cell renewal, smoothness and luminosity to the skin.

It is suitable for all skin types, in particular with dark spots, acne scars, photoaged, dulness, with thick and uneven complexion.

With concentrate disks with Citriate NeoStrata solution, exerts a gentle renewing action of the skin;

Formulated with Amphoterics Sustained Release Technology, guarantees the incorporation of high concentrations of AHAs without compromising skin tolerance.

Amphoteric complexes with sustained release create links to AHAs, forming temporary complexes that reduce the speed of penetration of AHAs in the skin, without having changed the pH of the formula or the bioavailability of AHAs.

The incorporation of these complex allows the use of high concentrations of AHAs, keeping the skin tolerance threshold.

Note: you can check a transient skin irritation, however this is due to the fast penetration of the AHA's and not due to the pH of the formula.


Active Ingredients:

  • Concentrated Peeling Discs: 10% Glycolic Acid, 10% Citric Acid;

The Citriate Home Peeling System enhances and prolongs the action of treatments and techniques medical and cosmetic.

Ideal as adjuvant treatment of hyperpigmentation and acne.

Instantly gives the skin a tensor and luminous effect that leaves skin beautiful, even and rejuvenated.

How to use




Use it once monthly in the evening and increase to once weekly if tolerated by the skin.

Apply Citriate Solution pad on cleansed face. Gently smoothing the applicator pad over the entire face avoiding eye, lips areas and any sensitive areas. Leave for 15 minutes. Carefully observe skin’s response by observing any redness and levels of discomfort including siting, burning and itching. Remove the Ciriate Solution if discomfort irritation or redness continue to 5 minutes.

Citrate solution may be left on skin for a maximum of 3 hours if there are no signs of irritation and discomfort. Once termination is desired, cleanse the face with Facial Cleanser, rinsing generously with water. Daily use of sunscreen is essential.

Ideal use 3 consecutive months.


Beauty secrets: dark spots!
Beauty secrets: dark spots!
Dark spots are one of the most feared and difficult to radiate skin problem! In this magazine, get to know the products that will allow you to achieve a more uniform, smooth and luminous skin!

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