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Sun Care Clarins

19 July 2022

Living in the sun is in our nature. Fortunately, Clarins protects and makes your skin look beautiful, so you can tan with peace of mind. A sensory experience to renew as often as the sun shines!



Because the sun can be our best friend, but also one of our worst enemies, Clarins decided to focus all of its experience on solar products with high and very high protection. Formulas withSPF30 and 50+ protection and after-sun care, which are part of the latest technological and botanical advances from Clarins research, to preserve the youth and beauty of the skin, offering ideal protection against the harmful effects of UVA, UVB and free radicals in all circumstances. They also offer a variety of textures for the face and body to meet different expectations.

During or after sun exposure, they take care of your skin and your tan


Protective care: the SPF30 and 50+ protection indices protect against the harmful effects of the sun and reveal the most beautiful tan regardless of  the level of sun exposure.

After-sun care: soothes and provides comfort to skin subjected to solar aggression, even after sun exposure, without forgetting to enhance a long-lasting tan! Apply without moderation.


In the sun, the two new Clarins Exclusive Multiprotection complexes:

[SUN-FILTER-COMPLEX] protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays.

Clarins Laboratories selected among the best organic filters* authorized by international regulations to develop their SPF 30 and 50+. These products offer double protection against UVA rays, which cause photoaging or allergies, and the UVB rays responsible for sunburns.

[SUN-PLANT-COMPLEX] preserves the skin's youth and beauty.

This complex of plant extracts has been the "trademark" of Clarins' sun care since its launch: a specific cellular protection that completes the action of filters to prevent signs of photoaging due to UVA rays and skin dehydration.

After exposure, comfort and protection

Caudalie vinoperfect

To prevent skin flaking, and especially since UV rays continue to be harmful after exposure, Clarins' after-sun care is formulated based on anti-radical, soothing and super moisturizing plant extracts.


The best sun care is one that is applied and reapplied without moderation and with pleasure.

Textures resistant to water and perspiration. For those who spend time diving or exercising outdoors, Clarins' sun care products resist water and perspiration.

Adored by our loyal consumers, the scent ofprotective care and after-sun has been the signature of Clarins' sunscreens for several years. Reformulated without allergens that need to be named in the composition.

Once again, Clarins' sunscreens never forget the planet

Eco-responsibility: this is the brand's commitment to the environment through eco-designed packaging and unique formulas that respect the life of corals**. This plays a very important role in balancing the seabed with biodiversity. Clarins remains a true partner with Plastic Odyssey: this monohull vessel has been at sea for 3 years to promote the reduction and recycling of plastic waste and is the first vessel powered by energy from plastic.


* Except Fluide Solaire Mineral and Compact Solaire Mineral, which contain mineral filters. ** Respect for corals (only for protectors, except for Compact Solaire Minéral and Fluide Solaire Minéral) – Eco-friendly packaging – Partnership with Plastic Odyssey.