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Spa At Home

29 August 2022

Clarins offers many ways to combine your favorite products to give your skin the best care at home!


On March 15, 1954, in rue Tronchet in Paris, Jacques Courtin-Clarins created the first Clarins Institute with a pioneering vision: aesthetics, well-being and health. Inseparable.

This audacious holistic vision is put into practice through application methods and the art of touch, which are combined with Clarins sensorial products, allowing the effectiveness of the care provided to be optimized. With Clarins, women are sure to find the spa experience right at home, so that each moment of self-care is always memorable.

From the spas straight to you! Clarins offers you the art of mixing textures in an expert way, just like at the Clarins Institute and at our spas, for personalized and complete results. Come and discover Clarins Mixologie:


Clarins Rosto

For immediately hydrated and radiant skin, add a small amount of Baume Beauté Eclair to the moisturizing mask.

If you are looking for a more intense moisturizing sensation and skin comfort, add two to three drops of oil to the moisturizing mask.

A youthful looking skin at home? Yes it is possible! Add a dose of V Shaping to your Double Serum. This combination along with the application methods will give you a more effective anti-aging and draining effect, helping to further define the oval shape of your face.

And for the long and challenging weekend, nothing beats a shot of oxygen and energy!  Combine two to three drops of Bright Plus with Double Serum for a more effective anti-aging and antioxidant effect. Your skin will be more luminous immediately.


Clarins Corpo

The velvet hands capable of facing all the challenges of everyday life. How? Add two to three drops of the oil to your favorite Clarins hand care and massage to boost the moisturizing and comforting effect for hands as soft as silk.

And for a hydrated and drained body, mix use a teaspoon of your oil of choice with a tablespoon of body cream. To apply, use our application methods based on the art of touch, for a relaxing moment while draining and eliminating localized fat.

Now that you know it, take a wellness break at home to eliminate stress and pamper yourself by turning your bathroom into a real spa!