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19 April 2022

Bella Aurora launches its first cosmetic treatment for white spots on the skin!


Bella Aurora Laboratories, specialists for over 130 years in the study of the melanocyte, announces the launch of Repigment, its first line dedicated to the cosmetic treatment of white skin spots. Repigment is the result of more than four years of collaboration with Dr. Matteo Bordignon, an Italian dermatologist specialized in the study of the causes of the appearance of white spots.

In Portugal, more than 200,000 people suffer from skin blemishes due to lack of pigmentation1


"As a laboratory that specializes in the study of the melanocyte and skin pigmentation, we are proud to finally be able to offer a solution for skin with pigmentation deficit. Approximately 2% of the world population suffers from this skin condition which, although it does not cause painful physical symptoms, it affects them psychologically," assures Jordi Segura, R&D Director of Bella Aurora Labs.

"Due to my work as a dermatologist I treat many people with hypopigmentation, most of them desperate to find an effective treatment. Now, with Repigment we have the opportunity to improve the lives of these people and therefore the more than 10 years of research have even more meaning" declared Dr. Matteo Bordignon.

In the year 2013 Dr. Bordignon published his study2 in which he concluded that the MIA protein, abnormally produced by the melanocyte, is responsible for hypopigmentation or the white spots on the skin. In his studies he was able to prove that the MIA protein destroys the anchoring of the melanocyte to the basal layer, so that it disappears exfoliated. It is the absence of the melanocyte that causes the white spots to appear.

June 25th is International Vitiligo Day

New cosmetic treatment for hypopigmentatio


Repigment is born as Bella Aurora's first effective cosmetic treatment for white spots. With its own patent, in addition to stopping the development of white spots, it helps regulate skin pigmentation. The new Repigment line is formed by the Repigment12 cream, which contains the Repigma12 peptide to inhibit the MIA protein, and by RepigmentSun capsules, a food supplement (with Vitamins C, E, Zinc, Selenium and Copper) that help protect cells and skin from oxidative damage that can be caused by sun exposure.

It is recommended: to apply the cream twice a day on the affected areas, and to take a capsule with a glass of water during a meal to protect the skin. In addition, the treatment should be accompanied by natural sun exposure. It is recommended to follow the treatment for at least 6 months or until the area has recovered its skin pigmentation.



Proven Results


Result after 150 days of treatment and phototherapy. It is necessary to maintain the treatment until complete pigmentation of the affected area.

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About Dr. Matteo Bordignon

Dr. Matteo Bordignon graduated in Medicine and Surgery with top qualifications and honors from the University of Padua. In 2009 he specialized with honor in Dermatology and Venereology at the University of Padua, one of the most prestigious in Italy and among the oldest in the world. He is also the author and coauthor of numerous publications in international scientific journals and during his training he participated in clinical trials and laboratory activities. In the field of research, Dr. Bordignon has succeeded, after years of studies on vitiligo, in identifying for the first time the relationship between the MIA protein and this skin affection.


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