16 December 2023

Real Techniques

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Nieces of the make-up artist of Princess Diana and David Bowie, the sisters Samantha and Nicola Chapman went on to your childhood surrounded by makeup!  After years of training and work as make up artists, in 2008 Sam did the your first video on YouTube; and since the success of the two sisters has grown year after year.

Real Techniques was born in 2011 with the premise of developing high quality makeup brushes at an afordable price range!  As we love the Chapman sisters; and we know that our customers are fans of makeup, we are thrilled to anounce that you now have Real Techniques at our store and we're sure you'll love this brand!

To achieve a uniform complexion with the desired coverage; and at the same time defines the contours of the face and brings out their best attributes.

Pincel de Pó para Base

1. Real Techniques - Powder brush for foundation, loose or compact powder 1401
Has a soft head and wide, allowing  to cover your entire face quickly and is ideal to apply product with broad gestures.

2. Real Techniques - Sculpting brush for face contour 1432
With a long head but flattened, specifically designed to provide a perfect fit in your face contour, can be used both in liquid or dry textures, carrying only the necessary amount of product for the application.

3. Real Techniques - 430 Light Layer Blush Brush
A brush with a perfect shape for applying powder or cream blush and bronzer!


For a perfect stroke, the actual Techniques developed soft and high precision brushes , that will allow you to give more oomph to your final look!

1. Real Techniques - Retractable lip brush for lipstick or gloss 1419
Ideal for applying your lipstick with all the precision, or even perform minor touch-ups throughout the day, this brush is a practical solution for lips perfectly outlined and defined. The retractable design lets your carry it safely, and their synthetic bristles ensure a quick and easy cleaning.

2. Real Techniques - Instapop Eye Brush Duo 01737
A brush kit containing two synthetic bristle tools, suitable for applying and blending powder and cream eyeshadows, as well as shimmers. While one of the brushes allows for perfect application all over the eyelid, the other allows for perfect application of a second eyeshadow on the concave.


Real Techniques

Real Techniques has also super practical kits that you can take with you wherever you go!

1. Real Techniques - Essential travel kit 1400
This kit contains Essential foundation brush, Domed shadow brush, Multi task brush and a Panoramic case.

Aware that it is essential to wash your brushes regularly, the actual Techniques developed quick solutions and practices for your hygiene.

2. Real Techniques - Make-up brush cleansing gel
This gel has been tested in all Real brushes Techniques, preserving its durability. It is recommended to wash your brushes, preferably 1 time per week.

3. Real Techniques - Brush cleansing pallet
For an even faster and effective cleaning of your brushes, this palette has an ergonomic design and small bumps to the acreage that allow you to remove dirt more quickly of your brushes, leaving them perfectly clean!

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