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A sunscreen for every skin type!

Whatever your skin type, there is an appropriate sunscreen to your needs and preferences!


The Sun offers numerous benefits but also plenty of dangers to the health of the skin. For a safe exposure is important to adopt a specific care, and the effectiveness of the sunscreen will depend on the sun protection factor (SPF) which should be suitable for each phototype.

Protect the skin of the face is the first step at Aging prevention. You should find a protector that suits the characteristics of your skin and your preference regarding the texture. It is essential to be applied daily, whether in the city, beach or mountain, even in cloudy days, as the last step of your skin beauty routine!

If you have questions about the products that exist on the market, continue reading this post!

There is a sunscreen for every skin type and we'll help you find yours!

The COMBINATION or OILY skins like fluid and light textures, with dry touch.

ISDIN || Fotoprotector gel cream dry touch color spf 50+
Is a cream gel with color, dry touch, allowing the effect of good skin, and dispense the use of founation, in the days of more heat. Evens complexion and conceals imperfections.

Mesoestetic || Dermatological sun protection spf50 for combination to oily skin
This protector combines a high protective effect with a great moisturizing and antioxidant action, for sensitive, oily and combinaion skin. It is an ideal product to complement any temporary dehydration treatment of skins that need moisture but oil free, due to its characteristics of secretion or hypersensitivity.

La Roche Posay || Anthelios ac anti-shine matt fluid facial sun protection
Is a high protection fluid for the face with oily, acne-prone skin and sensitive to sunlight, this new formula, dermatologically proven, Ultra (25 PPD), fragrance-free, no Parabens, chemical filters reduced, make this unnoticeable when applied on the face. Possess a dual anti-shine action. 

Heliocare || 360º airgel spf50 +
Protector with an innovative formulation, with a foam texture, lightweight, that leaves an invisible protective film on the skin, with high level of solar protection.
A broader coverage against UVB, UVA, IV-A and Visible thanks to its advanced combination of physical and chemical filters and specific active ingredients, neutralizes free radicals through a complex Fernblock FC super-antioxidante, Vitamin C + E and green tea and repair DNA damage via Roxisomas.


DRY SKIN like richer textures  with a comfortable finish

dry skin

Mesoestetic || Moisturizing sun protection spf50 for dry skin
High sun protection cream ideal for normal skin to dry, with a hydrating complex which offers a faster recovery before any environmental aggression on the skin tissue. Thanks to its moisturizing properties and antioxidants, is the indispensable complement for all kinds of treatment involving dehydration of the epidermis.

Heliocare || Advanced cream spf 50 high protection
Formula that provides a unique feeling of comfort and hydration, to moderate the excessive sunlight exposure, with high coverage, avoid the appearance of stains and other signs of photoaging.

Heliocare || 360º fluid cream spf50+
This product provides smoothness and the creaminess of a cream with the finish of a fluid gel which melts into the skin, neutralizes free radicals through a complex of superantioxidante Fernblock © FC, Vitamin C + E and green tea and repair DNA damage via Roxisomas.

Eucerin || Sun cream spf 50+ facial sunscreen
Sun protection care of rapid absorption and water resistant, ideal for normal to dry skin.

Isdin || Fotoprotector cream color spf 50+
Daily Fotoprotection (UVA and UVB) with maximum moisture for dry skin, ideal for use as a makeup base for a "beautiful skin" effect, without the need of foundation.


SENSITIVE SKIN requires extra careful in choosing a sunscreen. Prefer comfortable textures with no irritating ingredients!

sensitive skin

Avène || Very high protection mineral cream for intolerant skin spf50+
Very high sun protection, with rich and creamy texture, without chemical filters nor perfume. Especially suitable for fair, fragile and intolerant skins.

Isdin || Foto ultra 100 solar allergy fusion fluid spf 50+
Prevents and relieves the symptoms associated with the rash (rash and inflammation) and with other types of fotodermatose, is especially recommended for reactive skin as it contains 1% ectoin, moisturizes and soothes the skin, make it more resistant to damage caused by UV radiation.

Avène || Very high protection teinted cream spf50+
Is a protector with color, for a bright and healthy-looking complexion. Has a rich and creamy texture, for a moisturized skin with anti-oxidants that protect the skin from the harmful effects of the Sun.

SVR || Mineral spf 50 sunscreen at least color
100% mineral sunscreen, especially suitable for normal to mixed and intolerant skin. Formulated with natural pigments, to avoid the effect "white mask" generally conferred by minerals protectors, is resistant to water and sweat.

Bioderma || Photoderm facial and body mineral sunscreen family
Maximum effectiveness and anti-UVB the incomparable performance anti-UVA, protects safely against sunburn, prevent reactions of intolerance and combat premature skin aging. With 100% mineral sunscreen is ideal for any family member who have chemical intolerant or atopic skin. Leaves the skin with a sensation of comfort and softness.

Uriage || Bariésun mineral cream spf50
Especially designed for the most fragile skin, ensures maximum safety and tolerance, slightly colored, textured perfectly matches the skin tone for a natural effect.

Skinceuticals || Sheer mineral uv defense spf 50 sunscreen
High moisturizing sunscreen protection, ensures a highly effective protection thanks to the incorporation of Titanium dioxide in its formulation. Protects skin from UVB rays, which cause sunburn, and of UVA, which generate free radicals responsible for skin oxidation, one of the main causes of premature aging of the skin.


Still regarding sensitive skin, there are AREAS of our body wich are SENSITIVE, requiring specific care!


sensitive areas

Avène || Very high protection mineral cream sensitive areas spf50+ for intolerant skin
Product especially developed for irritated skin, submitted to recent surgery,  in scars and intolerant skins to perfumes.

Shiseido || Sun protection eye cream spf25
Is an advanced protection system ideal for the delicate eye contour area. Smooths without leaving your skin heavy, helps to prevent degradation of elastin around eye contour.

La Roche Posay || Cicaplas b5 spf50
Is a special care with a healing ability to restore skin subject to sun exposure: skin discomfort, scars, and tattoos. Allows the broken skin heal and recover without scars! The Cicaplast Baume B5 SPF50 is ideal for fragile skin after small dermatologicas interventions (even after tattoos) where high sun protection is required.

La Roche Posay || Anthelios sensitive areas
Very high protection of sensitive areas and water resistant. Sensitive areas are protected from sunburn and dehydration.

Uriage || Bariésun lip stick spf30
To protect, repair, nurish and restructure of lips exposed to Sun, prevents the reactivation of herpes when used regularly. It doesn't break or softens easily.


The MATURE SKINS like comfort and rich textures, with a restorative action.
mature skin

Isdin || Foto ultra age repair spf fluid 50+
Helps to prevent and fight photoaging and Sun damage and reverses the signs of photoaging. Light-weight has a visible reduction on wrinkles thanks to the action of fotolíase (liposome encapsulated), lipopetídeo Q10, Collagen Booster Peptide and UVA and UVB filters.

Filorga || Uv defence spf50+ anti-ageing and anti-brown spot sun care
Is a sunscreen with high protection index that ensures the defence of all types of skin, effectively fighting the photoaging and the photo-induced hyper pigmentation. Formulated with a powerful Association of solar filters (Sunactin) and antioxidants (vitamin E) protects the skin against the effects of UV rays and the aggressions of free radicals. Gives a preventive action of stains, because the hop extract that helps to prevent photo-induced stains and regulates the synthesis of melanin, the pigment responsible for skin coloration.
Developed in a non-greasy texture, and easy to apply, it is ideal for daily use, as well as during sun exposure, or after medical procedures.

Lierac || Sunific extreme invisible anti-wrinkles cream
Specially enriched with vitamin E and reinforced cellular antioxidant protection complex , confers a very high sun protection, anti wrinkle and stain removal action.

SVR || Expert antiaging cream spf 30
Softens, moisturizes and protects the skin, preventing the skin ageing by UV radiation protection. With smooth texture, not oily and not sticky.


And because it is very important to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours, the ideal is to set a protection product that you can carry with you on your purse. Practical and portable!

on the go

Bioderma || Hydrabio eau soin spf30 moisturising anti uv mist
It's the first moisturizer mist with sunscreen, ideal to carry with you, preventing the premature skin ageing, a unique and practical gesture. Is designed for sensitive and dehydrated skin by spraying the face, anytime and anywhere, even over makeup.

Bioderma || Photoderm max spf50 mineral compact sunscreen with color
Is a compact with color  taht oggers protecting against sunburn, prevent reactions of intolerance to sunlight and combat premature skin aging. With color, it has a texture that blends with the skin and can be used to retouch the protection and makeup.

Isdin || Fotoprotector stick color spf 50+
It's a stick, with color, super practical, that offers UVA and UVB sun protection to the most sensitive and fragile areas: scars and eye contour.

SVR || 50 sun protection compact
Suitable for any kind of skin, even intolerant to chemical filters and the fragile and photosensitive (post-Peel phase, post, among others) ones, it camouflages imperfections and uneven skin color! Is resistant to water and sweating and are is well tolerated by oily skins.

Isdin || Fotoprotector gel cream combi spf 40
Combines, in a single product, fotoprotection of 50 + cream gel and Chapstick spf 40, suitable for all skin types. Deep hydration and rapid absorption, protects and repairs the lips in extreme environmental conditions.

Avène || Réflexe solaire sensitive skin spf 50+
Practical format for use at all times (ski, during sport or outdoor work, ...) and throughout the year, effective and tolerant to the sun exposure of sensitive skin. Has a fluid and smooth texture that provides a dry touch to the skin. Photostable, water-resistant, with no parabens.


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