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All about micellar water!

Micellar waters have been winning more and more fans, not only for its practicality, but also for its properties! Get to know everything, about this fantastic product!


Is an indispensable product in any beauty routine!

Given it's total tolerance for all skin types and permit, in one step,to clean/remove make up and tone the skin, the micelar waters are, without doubt, a much beloved product.

The micelar waters are constituted mainly by water and surfatantes, small molecules with cleaning action. The surfatantes have two parts:

-a part that attracts water;
-one part that attracts oil. As soon as the water micelle is applied on cotton, the water-soluble portion clings to this fabric, and the oil soluble portion is exposed to the surface, ready to remove the make-up and other impurities that may be in our face.



Always follow the indication of each product, since all skin types tolerate micelar waters, and there are several types on the market, suitable to every need of the skin. Can be used on the whole face, soaked in cotton!



1. SVR - Sensifine ar anti-redness micellar water
Water micelle SVR Sensifine AIR allows you to remove your makeup even waterproof, as well as the dirt accumulated during the day. Can be used on the entire face as well as in the area of the lips and eye contour, once it's  pH is suitable for this purpose. It's formulation is compatible even with the most sensitive skins and with tendency to redness once provides a delicate cleaning while hydrates and soothes.

2. La Roche Posay - Water ultra micellar
This water eliminates any trace of make-up and pollution and it asures the high La Roche Posay tolerance. With only one disc of cotton, it removes  99% of the makeup and 70% of eye makeup!

3. Uriage - Thermal micellar water make-up remover for redness prone skin
The most sensitive skins is subject to redness, so it needs extra soft soothing and care. This water is ideal for removing makeup for all skin types, even the most sensitive due to the unique properties of thermal water of Uriage. It's formulation, enriched with Apricot extract, promotes skin comfort and can be used for cleaning the face and eyes.

4. Bioderma - Hydrabio h2o micelle solution promo for dehydrated skins
Perfectly compatible with the skin, thus ensuring a tolerance and unmatched comfort to optimize your skin cleaning, this clean water, calms, decongests and respects the balance of the skin.

Cleaning care ideal for sensitive and dehydrated skins!




Oily skins prone to acne, like mild cleansing and care, but with hydration sufficient to prevent from drying out!

1. Bioderma - Sebium h2o promo for oily to combination skin
Sébium H2O, gently cleanses the skin without drying by MicroEmulsion concentrates of impurities and excess sebum which makes it ideal for the daily hygiene of the combination skin, oily or acne-prone, with sensitivity. It's purifying action is due to the presence of gluconate Zn and Cu sulfate, which penetrate in depth.

2. Uriage - Thermal micellar water make-up remover combination to oily skins
Especially created for combination oily or acne prone, this thermal water Purifying Micelle form Uriage has mild non-ionic tensioactives, which form the micelles, effectively removing makeup and impurities. Enriched with extract of Green Apple and Pore Refinyl, it has a seborregulating and mattifying effect.

3. A Derma - Phys-ac purifying micelar cleansing water acne prone skin
Daily hygiene ideal of oily skins since it purifies and cleans, removes impurities, cleanses the face and the eyes (even waterproof) without problems and contains moisturizers compensation to prevent the drying of the skin.

4. Erborian - Micellar water 3-in-1 with refreshing and make-up removing action
Gentle cleansing care, with a complex of 7 herbs that will refresh and soften your skin, allowing it to lean the skin daily without being dehydrated, and may be used to remove both the makeup of the face, such as the lips and eyes, even if that is water resistant.

For specific objectives


1. Lancôme - Eau micellaire douceur cleansing water
Luxury care used by great make-up artists as it assures naturally beautiful skin free of impurities, breathing freshness and comfort. Suitable for all skin types and high tolerance for use on the face and eyes, will be your new favorite beauty care!

2. Filorga - Anti-ageing micellar solution physiological cleanser and makeup remover
Developed with the latest technology, this anti-aging Micelle Solution, allows the cleansing of the skin, in one step, without the need of successive repetitions that sensitize the skin.
Ideal for all type of skins, allows:

a hydration of dry skin,
a removal of excess sebum and bacteria mixed oily skin,
a calming effect of sensitive skin,
and a strengthening of the DermIS of mature skin.

3. Bioderma - White objective h2o micellar solution
White objective acts in the main mechanisms that cause pigmentation of the skin ensuring a streamlined and preventive action, being ideal for the cleaning of sensitive skin, once the micelles contained in it's formula, effectively eliminates impurities (without rinsing), without irritating the skin.

4. Embryolisse - Micellar makeup remover lotion
Indicated for sensitive skin by it's extreme softness: micelles (mild cleaning agents) associates the action of Chamomile, witch hazel and water with Glycerin in order to soften, soothe and tone the skin. Provides comfort, softens, soothes and tones the skin. Excellent removal capacity of the make-up water resistant.


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