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17 September 2021

The 4 degrees of aging skin may be treated differently through protocols both preventive and corrective.

Mesoestetic is a multinational pharmaceutical company specializing in the development, manufacture and marketing of medical-cosmetic treatments. Established in 1984 by Dr. Joan Carles Font in Barcelona, is currently one of the largest companies of international renown. Mesoestetic products are produced with high quality and pharmaceutical safety, using high concentrations of active ingredients clinically proven to be effective in unique formulas to achieve maximum results.

Mesoestetic presents two approaches: Costumer Range, offers a suite of products for face and body treatment with innovative ingredients, which address a number of problems; and the Professional Range, with specialized treatments tailored to individual skin concerns, which are associated with specific application protocols, including the phases of preparation, treatment and final monitoring and home maintenance.


Skin aging is a gradual process which manifests itself by a series of changes in the appearance and texture of the skin structure. More than biological age, is the chronological age which can be translated into 4 degrees of aging (I, II, III and IV)
MESOESTETIC solutions combine treatments in cabin, preparing the skin for daily maintenance with home treatments, adjusted with 4 powerful lines, that meet the current needs of the skin.

Identify the degree of aging of your skin, and know in detail the line of treatment most suitable Mesoestetic for you!




Increase in oxidative processes and the action of free radicals
Increased loss of water and reducing the levels of amino acids and proteins
Impairment of the cell wall

Increases skin opacity
First expression lines
Fine wrinkles


Sun exposure, smoking, restricted diets or stress, cause the skin to oxidize and lose luminosity. Over time, it is becoming more and more "suffocated" and the first wrinkles appear. energy C is a cosmeceutical line, with high concentrations of vitamin C, designed to effectively combat the first signs of crono and photoaging.
Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) is an active preventative skin aging. Thus, this line is ideal as prevention of aging skin and prevent the formation of dark spots, and also in improving hydration levels, brightness and smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles.





1 ♥ Energy c intensive cream first signs of aging

Cream illuminator designed to combat the fight first signs of aging. Its high concentration in stable vitamin C unifies skin tone giving it luminosity. Their antioxidant properties fight the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, preventing premature photoaging. The combination of their assets provides hydration and reduces the fine wrinkles and expression lines.

♥ 2 Energy c eye contour first aging signs 

Energizing cream formulated to combat the manifestations of aging on grade I at periocular area. Its high concentration of vitamin C exerts a cumulative process with an anti-dark circles action to erase signs of tiredness. The presence of plant tensor, stimulating collagen synthesis and products of elastic fibers, provides hydration and tonicity, fighting the emergence of the first wrinkles around the eyes.

3 ♥ Energy c complex intensive treatment of the first signs of aging

4 weeks of intensive antioxidant, moisturizer and tensor treatment. Stimulates the skin's own protection and hability to fight free radicals. Vitamin C (10%) is wrapped in protective cover to conserve its properties intact up to the time of your use. After the release of vitamin C, the serum should be stored in the refrigerator and used during 7 days in a row. Each vial matches a week of treatment. To keep the skin in optimum conditions, it is advisable to repeat the every 4 monsths.

4 ♥ Energy c peel-off mask detoxificante mask anti-age double action

The shock treatment ideal for tired skins after days filled with stress and lack of sleep. A mask of filmógeno effect that allows you to eliminate impurities and dead cells, providing a fresh, light-skinned and revitalized. Stimulates the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid, providing an instant lifting effect, attenuating the signs of tiredness and expression lines.




Reduction of the capacity for synthesis of fibroblatos, leading to a reduction in the levels of collagen and elastin fiber.
Reduction in the quality and quantity of the structural elements that form the support structure of the Dermis

Reduction in the thickness of the Dermis that leads to loss of skin firmness and mechanical traction.
Increases the depth of wrinkles.


Collagen is the most abundant protein in the skin whose function is to ensure the mechanical strength and firmness of the skin. But over time, a reduction in collagen synthesis, degradation, as well as a clutter of its fibers, which causes tissue damage and the loss of facial volume.

The collagen 360º is a cosmeceutical line, with high concentrations of marine collagen enriched, designed for reverse chronological loss of collagen, improving the elasticity of the skin, thanks to its redensificante action, and firming firming.

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1 ♥ Collagen 360 intensive cream powerful wrinkle reduction

360° intensive collagen cream has an intensive action developed from marine collagen, with the aim of combating the loss of collagen in the body. 100% marine offers a full compatibility with the skin cells and is tolerated by all skin types. Due to its low molecular weight, penetrates to the second layer of the epidermis to act where the skin needs.

2 ♥ Collagen 360 eye contour cream visibly reduces wrinkles and expression lines

Specially designed for the treatment of periocular aging signs. Stimulates the fibroblasts to synthesize components of connective tissue (collagen I, III, IV) and polysaccharides (glycosaminoglycans and hyaluronic acid). The assets tensors soften the eye contour and visibly reduce wrinkles by collagen regeneration. Contains exclusive pigments that make wrinkles disappear and signs of fatigue.

3 ♥ Collagen 360 elixir anti-wrinkle solution drinkable nutricosmetic

The collagen 360º elixir is a drinkable cosmetic specifically created to help reaffirm the skin from the inside of the body, reduces wrinkles and gives luminosity.
The collagen 360º elixir is a bioactive ingredient with regenerating properties that  helps to restore metabolic balance of the skin, promoting the biosynthesis of its components. It is highly digestible and easily assimilated by the body. 

♥ Collagen 360º essence cellular lifting effect serum

Collagen 360º face care Serum is enriched with collagen peptides and marine chronosmart acting on a cellular level reactivating the vital functions of the skin to provide greater firmness by restoring lost elasticity. The wrinkles are smoothed, pores closed and the skin regains its vitality and elasticity.




Reducing the amount of cells that contributes to skin relaxation of the cell renewal.
Loss of effectiveness of metabolic processes that compensate the natural deterioration of the skin.
Deterioration of the outer layers of the epidermis and reducing the quality of the supporting tissue of the skin.

Gradual disappearance of the tensile capacity of skin together with the lack of firmness.
Deep wrinkles.


MESOESTETIC solution: stem Cell

The stem cells of the skin are the direct precursor of the cells that are in the different dermal layers, but over time, slows down its activity: the skin loses its capacity for renewal, causing lack of tone and deep wrinkles.

stem Cell is a cosmeceutical line, with high concentrations of cells-mother plants, designed to reverse the slowdown in cellular regeneration, strengthening skin structure and improving the quality and texture of the same. The mother plant cell extract contained in stem Cell has the ability to protect and reactivate effectively our own cells-mother, playing a strong anti-aging and anti-wrinkle activity on the skin.



1 ♥ Stem cell nanofiller lip contour

The stem Cell nanofiller lip contour is the first filling cream based on parent plant cells and hyaluronic acid, specifically developed for the treatment of sensitive area of the lip contour. This unique combination acts synergistically and allows a dual effect: Restructure and Fill. Hyaluronic acid fills the thinner areas, providing support to the cells.

2 ♥ Steam cell active growth factor deep wrinkles treatment

Cream that combines the action of mother plant cells with epidermal growth factor for skin restructuring from the inside of the cell. Epidermal growth factors are small fragments of biologically active proteins and essential in intercellular communication and external control mechanisms of cell reproduction. Slow down the process of cellular oxidation, eliminate wrinkles and give back to the skin its elasticity, firmness and vitality.

3 ♥ Stem cell serum restructuractive ultra-concentrated intensive restructuring serum

Ultraconcentrated serum formulated with 10% of stem cells. Regenerating intensive action, the stem Cell serum restructuractive is part of a powerful shock treatment against Cellular Aging, reversing the degradation process of the skin.



Dismantling of the intercellular unions of the outer layers of the skin.
Reduction and loss of metabolic function in different skin glands (sweat and Sebaceous).
Hyperkeratinization of the stratum corneum (rough touch)

Loss of geometric curve.
Increased skin fragility.
Very deep wrinkles.

MESOESTETIC solution: radiance DNA

The DNA is where the code to all the necessary information for our cells to develop properly is. In a great situation, cells maintain a perfect balance between activity and periods of restoration, and this allows them to recover the foreign aggression and maintain its metabolic functions in perfect condition. However, over time, oxidative stress and the environmental assaults weaken the internal mechanisms of the skin, breaking the DNA and gangly the expression of some genes, that are essential in the fight against skin aging.

mesoestetic ® created the radiance DNA, a global anti-ageing treatment that incorporates in its innovative formulas [meso] recovery complex ®, a unique combination of active ingredients selected for their antioxidant properties, and repairing DNA protective cell.



1 ♥ Radiance adn intensive cream for loss of firmness

Global action cream anti-age created especially to reactivate the vital functions of the skin, enhancing the protective barrier function and preventing the evaporation of water. Radiance intensive cream DNA incorporates in its powerful formula [meso] recovery complex ® responsible for stimulation of fibroblasts to produce collagen and hyaluronic acid, and to improve the ability of self-defense of the skin against the oxidative stress. Radiant and luminous, the skin regains its elasticity and firmness, and wrinkles disappear progressively.

2 ♥ Radiance adn essence serum global antiaging

Concentrated serum, formulated specifically to replenish the skin in depth, ensuring a powerful rejuvenating action. The unique Association of technology [meso] recovery complex ® broadcast through biovetores to increase penetration, along with active substances of highly properties and anti-aging, firming stimulates the production of collagen and increases the extracellular matrix, restoring the skin union. The facial oval resets and repositions itself. The texture of the skin becomes thinner, and smooth wrinkles visibly.

3 ♥ Radiance adn eye contour global antiaging

Designed specifically for the total eye contour, repair getting a triple effect anti wrinkle, anti dark circles and bags. The exclusive [meso] recovery complex ® revitalizes, drains and activates microcirculation. Provides a lifting effect and long lasting tensor, decreasing visibly deep wrinkles. The periocular zone is smoother, unified and purified. The bags and dark circles visibly disappear. Its texture fondant presents a total affinity with the delicate eye contour area.

4 ♥ Radiance adn night cream global antiaging

Radiance night cream DNA takes advantage of the natural skin to reset the cell metabolism and induce the activity of genes responsible of the renewal of the skin during the sleep. The association of [meso] recovery complex ® and chronogen allows rebalance the processes of activity and rest, repair the DNA damage caused during the day, and prepare the skin for new periods of activity. Upon awakening, the skin looks rested and wrinkles and expression lines, disappear.

5 ♥ Radiance adn elixir nutraceutical for loss of firmness

Regenerating and highly antioxidant nutritional supplement, formulated to reactivate the cellular metabolism of the Dermis and help reverse its aging. Significantly improves the state of the skin texture. Day after day, skin is softer, firmer and more luminous.