last update: 28 July 2020

Preserve the skin comfort even during mask use

With the "new normal" the face skin is one of the areas most affected due the mask use. Know how you can protect your skin and minimize the effects with some tips by Institut Esthederm.


In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, and following the latest guidelines of WHO, the use of personal protective equipment, such as the mask, is now recommended and has become part of our daily life.

Acne, redness and irritated skin are some problems that can appear or be intensified with this daily and prolonged use. Moisture and friction can lead to allergies and even contact dermatitis.


Skin cleansing has become even more important at this time, so we can ensure the maintenance and repair of the skin barrier function. It is important to opt for gentle cleaning care, which ensures the balance of the microbiome, but that hydrates and leaves a feeling of freshness.

Eau Cellulaire bruma

OXYGENATED SKIN and intense look

Eau Cellulaire mist is an isotonic water that can be used after cleaning to enhance the following daily care and to fix color care, and can also be reapplied throughout the day, keeping the skin hydrated and reducing the action of free radicals and oxidative stress. The presence of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid ensures skin hydration, while carnosine, hypostaturin and citric acid have a wide spectrum with anti-free radicals action, that enhances the energy and oxygen in cells throughout the day.
In daily care, we must balance adjusting the beauty routine to minimize the effects of a semi-occlusive environment, increasing skin oxygenation and consequently rejuvenation. In this way are also prevented the occasional irritations, imperfections and redness related to the use of a mask.

Intensive Propolis
The combination of friction, occlusion and emotional stress is the perfect recipe for the appearance of acne. Being a chronic inflammatory pathology, stress and occlusion of the mask lead to excessive production of sebum that generates an inflammatory process and the appearance of rashes and comedones. On the other hand, there is also a local change in the skin flora in the mask area, where the skin is under high CO2 levels, high amount humidity, higher temperatures and therefore more bacteria and microorganisms from the mouth and respiratory system. Institut Esthederm proposes an answer to imperfections in an adult skin, preventing skin aging — INTENSIVE PROPOLIS, a range with antiseptic action, which corrects imperfections, softens the surface of the skin and neutralizes redness, giving comfort to an adult skin.

Intensive Hyaluronic & Intensive vitamine E

Skin irritation is more common in the nose and cheeks area, where the mask eventually creates some pressure during use. It is important to moisturize these areas to improve skin barrier function and provide some lubrication for a better fit between the mask and the skin. We should therefore opt for lighter textures. In response, the Institut Esthederm suggests intensive HYALURONIC, a range with an innovative hyaluronic acid patent, with light care that adapts during the day as the (1.) Intensive Hyaluronic Serum and cares more repairers after a whole day with the mask as (2.)  Intensive Hyaluronic Cream or (3.) Mask.

With summer, irritations by friction and pressure of the mask are exacerbated by sweat, which can make the skin even more vulnerable. Therefore, conditions such as eczema and rosacea may be more frequent during this time of year. Another suggestion is the (4.) Intensive Vitamine E2 Serum, an antioxidant care with appeasing and anti-inflammatory action, which regulates redness, discomfort and irritation of the skin from stress and/or solar radiation. It has a lightweight texture, without oily effect and without fragrance.

Photo reverseWearing mascara is sometimes incompatible with certain skin routines that we had previously, such as applying lipstick or makeup base. In this way, it is important to look for alternatives. Using daily color care is a suggestion, whether moisturizing or even sunscreen. The suggestion lies with this year's novelty of the brand — Photo Reverse a sunscreen with high protection, which protects, minimize the pigmentation and immediately evens the complexion, for a skin with hyperpigmentation. This care has no fragrance and is not comedogenic. We can thus combine our daily care with color and sun protection.


*Article adapted from original by Institut Esthederm

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