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How to Take Care of Your Skin At 40?

29 August 2022

At 40, which anti-wrinkle products should you favor? Learn some good habits to include in your beauty routine and natural active ingredients to support the action of our cells: enough to slow down skin aging!


How to have beautiful skin after 40? Many of us wonder about this and search for the ideal skin care product. However, although skin aging is naturally caused by the years, and partly by our genes, it is mostly due to our (bad) habits. So what habits should we adopt to keep our skin beautiful, and what active ingredients can strengthen our efforts?

The facial care routine at 40

Whether you are 20, 30 or 40, to have healthy skin, a few steps are still essential:

  • The first step is to maintain your cleansing routine (and makeup removal, if necessary), morning and night.
  • The second step is to exfoliate your skin 1-2 times a week to maintain its cellular rhythm, while adapting the type of exfoliation to the sensitivity and thickness of your skin.
  • Finally, moisturizing and sun protection are key to beautiful skin. In fact, the best way to slow down the appearance of the signs of aging is to apply a moisturizing cream and sunscreen to your face daily.

So, what skin care routine should a 40-year-old woman or man adopt? After the age of 40, the skin on our face undergoes undeniable changes: it loses firmness, becomes dehydrated, dry, and sensitive. These are the effects of skin aging, which can be accelerated by certain so-called "behavioral" aging factors: urban stress, overexposure to UV rays, a diet low in antioxidants, etc.

How to care for your skin at 40?

Over time, the skin faces a decrease in the production of lipids, i.e. fat. On the surface, the protective film is of lower quality, which favors the penetration of pollutants and allergens into the skin and the evaporation of water. The skin becomes dry and dehydrated.


To maintain its vitality, skin needs a helping hand. Even more so when you live in an urban environment and where your skin is subject to the harmful effects of oxidative stress (pollution, UV rays, tobacco smoke, free radicals) every day.

Which active ingredient should you choose to fight against these free radicals? Resveratrol, an antioxidant booster derived from vines, which aims to protect your skin from everyday aggressions and prevent premature aging.

What to do if your complexion becomes less radiant?

The epidermis is a tissue that is constantly renewing itself. Normally, this takes an average of 28 days. But over time, this regeneration phenomenon slows down and can sometimes take 40 to 50 days. As a result, the epidermis is less radiant, even, and the skin becomes dull.

Ácido Cítrico

Also, melanocytes, the cells that produce melanin, may produce their skin pigments less evenly. Brown spots may appear on the skin, more or less visible depending on your skin tone, especially if there is excessive sun exposure.

Would you like to help your skin regenerate? Citric acid is an active ingredient that promotes the elimination of dead cells and stimulates skin renewal.

How to make your skin firm after 40?

Is your skin losing elasticity and showing some wrinkles? This is due to decreased production of hyaluronic acid, elastin fibers and collagen. Also, expression lines around the eyes and lips are likely to appear, especially after repeated exposure to the sun and if you smoke.

Péptideo-4 Pro Colagénio

How to find your way around all the anti-wrinkle actives? Follow the guide:

  • Hyaluronic acid is a world-renowned active ingredient known for its ability to function like a sponge that attracts and absorbs water, reducing wrinkles that have already set in (nasolabial folds, tear ducts, etc.), but also dehydration lines.
  • Peptide-4 Pro Collagen helps the skin to rebuild its own collagen, and is essential for its firmness and density. This is exactly what you need to smooth expression lines on the forehead, around the eyes and around the mouth.


Never forget: just because your skin changes with age, doesn't mean it is less beautiful!