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High-Performance Photoprotection for Sportsmen and Women

27 June 2022

Cantabria Labs presents the new HELIOCARE 360° Sport line, advanced photoprotection specially designed to meet the highest demands in the care and health of athletes' skin.


Heliocare Sport

Developed considering the needs of athletes, this new line arrives with two references: HELIOCARE 360° Sport Spray SPF 50 for the body and HELIOCARE 360° Transparent Stick SPF 50+ for the face.
All products are formulated with Fernblock®+, the exclusive patented technology of Cantabria Labs' HELIOCARE sunscreens. Fernblock®+ is a standardized natural extract of the plant Polypodium leucotomos plant which is scientifically proven to have a powerful protective, antioxidant and repairing action that is effective both topically and orally(1).

The active ingredients present in HELIOCARE formulas act synergistically, protecting against the four types of radiation (UVB, UVA, Visible and IR) and preventing both immediate damage (sunburn) and damage which occurs over time: skin ageing, blemishes, loss of defenses, allergies... HELIOCARE protects the skin's immune system from the damage which can be caused by solar radiation and repairs it(1).

HELIOCARE 360° Sport Spray SPF 50: dry touch, sweat resistant

HELIOCARE 360° Sport Spray SPF 50 is a body sun protection spray with a refreshing cooling effect during application. Thanks to its ultra-light spray texture and dry touch, it is easy to apply even on hairy areas. In addition, it is water and sweat resistant and suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

HELIOCARE 360° Transparent Sport Stick SPF 50+: direct application, transparent finish

HELIOCARE 360° Transparent Sport Stick SPF 50+ is a face stick with an "on the go!" formula that is easy to take anywhere and avoids staining hands thanks to its direct application. The texture is invisible, ultra-light, water and sweat resistant thanks to the way the product adheres to the skin. It is non-comedogenic and tested on sensitive skin.


Heliocare Sport

(1) Gonzales S, et al. J Med Plants Res. 2018; 12(22):336-45.