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11 July 2022

Comodynes creates products to enjoy life to the fullest, with no complications. Anytime, anywhere, 100% effective! No parabens, no mineral oils.


Comodynes is an urban, practical, fast and portable brand! Based on the creation of practical and quality products, without parabens or mineral oils, Comodynes simplifies your life!

With a wide range of offerings in cleansing, flash skin care (ampoules and masks) and a specialized self-tanning line. Get to know the best products of the brand!

Cleaning Time

The makeup remover wipes are one of Comodynes' strongest products! There are such a variety, that they cover the needs of all skin types: dry, sensitive, normal, etc! The application is super simple! Just pass the wipe on the skin of the face and eyes with a gentle massage to remove all impurities and makeup.

Relaxing Moments

Easy Peeling

To fully enjoy a relaxing moment, nothing better than taking a few minutes out of your day and enjoying a beauty mask. 

Comodynes - Easy Peeling Facial, Neck and Neckline Exfoliation
Start your treatment with an exfoliation and this easy peeling exfoliating face, neck and décolleté is ideal! It has a double exfoliating action: fabrics with a microsphere that exfoliates in depth and active ingredients of plant origin that stimulate cell regeneration, for all skin types.

Bronzeado Radiante


For those who appreciate a beautiful skin tone all year round, even without sun, Comodynes has a wide range of products for all tastes and situations!

If you like mousse textures, Self-Tanning Fresh Water Mousse will be your new favorite product! It guarantees golden, even color in just 3 hours after application in a smooth, fragrant and amazing texture that will adapt to your natural skin tone!

Self Tanning Fresh Water creates a gradual, natural, healthy tan from the first application!

Self-Tanning the Original Wipes are another option for a natural and effortless tan!

If you're looking for a natural tan with a makeup effect, Self-Tanning the Miracle Instant leaves a flawless, streak-free finish.

Finally, apply your favorite self-tanning product with the Self-Tanning Glove without having to worry about staining your hands.