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Clinique tree steps to revitalize your skin

17 September 2021

Discover Clinique' tips on how to look and feel amazing in you skin!


Did you know that every Clinique product is allergy tested 12 times on 600 people?

And if one of those 7200 applications incites an allergic reaction,  the product is reformulated?!


One. Twelve. Six hundred. Seven thousand and two hundred.
At Clinique these numbers make all the difference!! 


Over time, irritation caused by allergies can weaken skin's integrity.

Which leads to an interesting question: Can allergies age skin? 

Clinique researchers believe so. So the Clinique products are Allergically Tested and 100% Fragrance Free!

Because "One" is a very big number at Clinique! 


Meet the appropriate Clinique care for your skin type and needs, with the assurance that you are making a choice for the health of your skin!

Ah! And have fun...


In the colder months, the skin can go from glamorous, fresh, perfectly hydrated, soft and radiant, to the disaster of a stretched, flaking, aging, uncomfortable skin...

Zombie mode 300%! Urgh ...

Take three steps back and recover your hydration and your skin comfort, because although we are at the time of the grape, "raisin" is not a skin type!

See what Clinique has for you ....


Help your moisturizer help you!

Help your moisturizer help you!


Know that feeling of skin twitch, and if you give a laugh it can burst and tear?

We don't! ;) And why? 7 Day Scrub Cream!!

An emollient exfoliating that can be used several times a week. And when we say several times, it's really several time, in all baths! Because exfoliation is one of the great secrets of radiante, beautiful and healthy skin. There are so many benefits, that it will seem as important as eating fruit every day!

A soft exfoliation of the skin over the week, helps remove dead skin cells which will improve the penetration of your moisturizer!

Plus, the exfoliating refines the grain of the skin, so the skin will be soft to the touch. And active cell renewal, which will send information to the basal layer cells, that the skin was not good, and so the cells will have to work harder to do better!

The biggest danger?
The envy! The skin will be so healthy and naturally beautiful that will make other women green with envy. 

Run, don't walk, towards extreme hydration!

Run, don't walk, towards extreme hydration!


Can you imagine walking through the Alps without clothes? Or with that light dress that you used in the Summer? That is a silly idea isn't it?! But the skin on the surface may feel this way, completely naked and exposed to all! So depending on the needs, we should choose the best moisturizer.

Want a tip? Choose a moisturizer that flood your skin! By the way, how about a multi-purpose moisturizer that will bring thousand of benefits? We chose the Moisture surge extended thirst relief. Believe, there is no one better then this one! The skin will feel like its bulletproof, and you too!

The Moisture surge extended thirst relief, is that little black dress that we all have to have in the closet. It's a must have! It has a thousand of functions. It acts as a "moisturizing booster" and can be used as a daily moisturizer, or even over the usual moisturizer. It is also excellent to use in the middle of the day, over the make-up or over another moisturizing product. And finally, as a five-minute mask! In this case, spread a generous layer on clean skin and remove the excess with the help of a tissue, or gently massage what's left on the skin, for an added hydration.

Well, after a week, you will not even recognize your skin!


Oily skin can be quite tricky! This type of skin can produce excess of sebum and still dehydrate like a dry skin. Have you ever looked in the mirror and saw the T zone to shine as a lamp, and the cheekbones screaming by the stretched skin sensation? Scary isn't it?!

There are oily skins, that in result of mattifying products and anti-acne treatments, feel uncomfortable. And believe me, at these times it seems that nothing works on our skin!

Well, nothing so far! Take a look at what Clinique has for you, and feel the comfort and balance of your skin. Just because "zombie-chic" is not, at all, fashionable! 

Help your moisturizer help you!

Help your moisturizer help you!

Clogged pores, asphyxiated skin, blackheads, oiliness, pimples, redness, and so one... Do you feel that your skin is a bustling city full of pollution? We know what that is!

But take a deep breath, we have a perfect product that will seem like a breath of fresh air for your skin!

Anti-Blemish Solutions Oil-Control Cleansing Mask! It's all that your skin dreams, but you still do not know. It is a mask extremely comfortable of intensive clay and comes off easily with water after five minutes, without drying or flaking skin. Yes, clay and without drying! This mask is perfect! It minimizes the severity, size, and the reappearance of pimples, clears and reduces the appearance of pores, while reduces irritation and redness. It is great for all types of skin! This can be done two or three times per week, on the whole face or just the affected areas.

Are you the lazinest person on earth and aren't a big fan of masks because its a lot of work? Shhhh, we are to...Hehe. So we developed a very practical method of applying the mask: before the shower! Yes, apply the mask on the face and while you chose the clothes to wear, the mask will acting, and then go to the bath! Remove there. This will ensure your treatment day-in, day-out!



Run, don't walk, towards extreme hydration!

Run, don't walk, towards extreme hydration!

Close your eyes and try to remember a moisturizing for oily skin that can be applied all over the face, which does not dry out the less oily areas, which has not mattifying effect, and at the same time does not cause pimples. At the end, that is comfortable for your entire face, and at the end of the day you can feel like the moment you left home: fresh and hydrated!

So?! Can you remembered anything? No?

We chose the Anti-blemish solutions clearing moisturizer! The magic of this moisturizer is its formula without oil which provides a suitable level of comfort and moisture to minimize dryness and desquamation often associated with anti-acne products, while controlling sebum production during the morning! Sounds perfect right?

So what are you waiting for ?! This is the one!





All skin types:
Keep skin happy all day!

Your new best friend: a spray of soothing hydration! Keep it on your desk, in the closet, in your bag, in the car...In a place where you go, make it easy to grab and vaporize the skin throughout the day;) We loveeeee the Moisture surge spray !! Have you ever experienced?
It is quite addictive! And the results are immediate. You will like the sensation of it. It's like a spa in travel size, to take everywhere.

Pushu! Pushu! Pushu! Pushu! Pushu! Pushu! Pushu!
Yes yes, you will want to sprinkle the skin all the time... ;)



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