Beauty Trends

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21 April 2022

Trends that change the face... of beauty. Active beauty is a new concept, which unites beauty and health. And it is here to stay.

Alongside trends such as the sustainability of production processes, the redefinition of inclusive beauty, or even artificial intelligence in digital experimentation, skin diagnosing and personalization of routines, which continue to dictate the course of beauty, we are also witnessing the growing phenomenon of active and athletic beauty - the "ath-beauty".

This is where beauty meets wellness


The main driver of active beauty is the growing importance of physical and psychological health and well-being among global consumers. This concern has become a lifestyle, and includes topics such as regular physical activity, healthy eating, travel, mindfulness, etc.

In this context, consumers, especially the Millennials generation, are increasingly interested in purchasing beauty care that caters to their fitness and exercise moments and better integrates into their daily routines.

At the same time, with increasing longevity, the mindset of brands - previously driven by an obsession with youthful beauty - is increasingly dictated by consumers over 45, guided by freedom and maturity, by the union of aesthetics with comfort and usability.



To meet the specific needs and concerns of these consumers with an active lifestyle, beauty products are given a more sporty dressing, emphasize the harmony between body and mind, and promote physical activity.

Proving this connection between beauty and well-being, beauty brands are increasingly presenting versatile, unisex, sports-associated products that promote hydration and protection, prolong the "post-workout glow" effect, offer long-lasting cosmetic coverage and, at the same time, breathability, sweat resistance, and a feeling of freshness, all in appropriate sizes and sustainable packaging.

And brands look to go further... we watch product granularity moving forward as science and technology advance. This means, for example, heat-activated pre- and post-workout skincare that monitors sports recovery and skin protection.

How can I keep looking good while training?

How do I get back to work after an intense workout?

I don't have time to remove makeup and do it again...

If your lifestyle calls for Ath-Beauty care, find out more about the answers there are for you!