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Any Age Is the Age of Happy Skin!

04 October 2022

At Clarins, our anti-aging philosophy is simple, our skin reflects everything we have experienced and who we have become, more amazing, bold and radiant.


That is why it is essential to take care of your skin on a daily basis, to choose a healthy lifestyle, and to prevent (rather than diminish) the signs of aging.

About anti-aging care there are many common doubts and myths. Today we will answer them:

At what age should I start using an anti-wrinkle cream?


Every woman is unique and her skin is influenced by factors such as lifestyle and the nature of her own skin. Even so, unbridled rhythm, stress and sleep deprivation leave marks on the face, so it is generally advisable to use an anti-wrinkle cream from the age of 30.

Discover the complete Multi-Active range, moisturizing cosmetic cares designed to be the first anti-wrinkle care! The day, night, and eye contour creams are a vitamin-packed cocktail to boost skin's youthfulness.

After 40, what changes in my skin?


From the age of 40, the epidermis needs to strengthen its youthful capital: pollution, an active life, and the sun influence its luminosity, flexibility, and firmness. Expression wrinkles are more pronounced, so your skin requires extra care.

The specialized anti-wrinkle products in the Extra-Firming care range improve the appearance of all the signs of loss of firmness, wrinkles in the corners of the eyes, less defined facial contours... for radiant skin.

Why does the skin have specific requirements during menopause?

From changes in our hair and skin to changes in the way we feel, menopause is a transitional period for many women. These hormonal changes act specifically on the skin, slowing down the activity of fibroblasts, contributing to a loss of firmness and increasing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Weakened by age-related hormonal changes, skin requires a concentrated redensifying care to combat lack of density and luminosity. The Multi-Intensive range offers the full Clarins experience, now with two uniquely powerful ingredients - harungana bio and tojo extract - combined in an anti-aging care innovation:

  1. By day, after cleansed skin, apply MULTI-INTENSIVE JOUR cream. Over the weeks, your face looks as if it has been "lifted", your skin appears tighter, redensified and deep wrinkles are smoothed out.
  2. At night, prolong the "lifting" effect of the day cream with MULTI-INTENSIVE NUIT cream that acts against the signs of aging such as wrinkles or spots.
  3. To finish, you can complete the application of these two creams for mature skin with Total Eye Lift, specially designed for the eye contour.

Day after day, the skin regains a smooth and plumped look, wrinkles are smoothed out. An intensive action to meet your skin's needs, in a ritual of beauty and care.

How to recognize and care for mature skin? Clarins makes life more beautiful!


With age, the micronutritive network, the essential "youth network" is affected in its functioning by the aging fibroblasts. From the age of 60, the skin loses all three dimensions of luminosity. The skin becomes dry, loses moisture and elasticity. Dark spots begin to appear.

To restore vitality, there is the Nutri-Lumière care line, which is intended for skin weakened by age, to strengthen it and protect it daily against the ravages of the environment, the sun and pollution. With its vitality duo (horse chestnut flower extract and escin), the skin receives better nutrition, is hydrated and gains elasticity.

How to boost the effectiveness of your anti-aging care?

Whatever your age, Double Serum is the beauty secret to visibly younger-looking skin. Tested, validated, recommended! Discover Clarins' most powerful intensive anti-aging care, enriched with 21 plant extracts. All over the world, women are integrating this concentrated technology into their care routine.

Whatever your age, choose to take care of yourself and your skin every day, take a wellness break with a beauty and anti-aging routine.