24 November 2021

Spring smiles are meant to be healthy and bright

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Spring has the power to renew us! Inside and outside.
We look for the sun, the birds singing, the flowers in the garden, the sound of the waves in the sea... The good mood increases and the smiles reappear!

Even with a mask, we cannot neglect our oral hygiene and we must be firm in our mission: a healthier, brighter smile, every day.
And how to invest in a glowing smile full of good energy?

If you have been working through home office, it is natural that you have increased your drinking of infusions, teas, and coffee. All these drinks heavily pigment the surface of our teeth, hence the importance placed on a thorough oral hygiene routine, which should be followed daily.
The good news is that there are solutions that can help prevent the appearance of stains and even help reduce existing ones... and it's just a click away!



Elgydium Whitening Elgydium Branqueamento

For daily use, the Elgydium Clinic Total Black toothbrush with bristles impregnated with charcoal with whitening properties, or the Elgydium Whitening toothbrush, with microspheres for enhanced polishing, will be your best allies to combat surface stains caused by food or drink that pigment the teeth, as well as the pigment from tobacco, without harming the enamel.

Don't forget that you should replace your toothbrush every 3 months, or whenever the bristles become damaged, spindly, and no longer allow for such effective brushing.

Also in this season, the appetite for vegetables and fruits increases, we are attracted by colors, flavors, and smells.
The teeth may also become pigmented with some vegetables, legumes, or fruits with more intense colors, such as red fruits, for example.


In the Elgydium toothpaste range, you have at your disposal Elgydium Whitening with mint flavor or lemon freshness. Both extend the whiteness and brightness of your teeth, helping to better polish the tooth enamel without being abrasive. A good tip is to use this toothpaste with a dry toothbrush, without wetting it previously, allowing you to take advantage of better brushing and excellent results.


For an extra touch of brightness, and in case you do not use a daily whitening toothpaste, you always have the Elgydium Brightness & Care toothpaste gel that should replace your usual toothpaste twice a week. Its specific formula for polishing, favors the attenuation of residual stains and polishes the surface of the teeth, preserving the dental enamel.



Eludril White


We finish our oral hygiene ritual with Eludril White mouthwash, which with its whitening technology adapted to sensitive teeth, helps prevent stains on the surface of the teeth and limits the fixation of coloring agents. Mouthwash without the need to dissolve it with water twice a day for a pleasant feeling of freshness and cleanliness and, of course, for an even brighter SMILE!

Never forget: your Smile is your presentation card!

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