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Uppercut Deluxe

Inspired by the timeless style of the 1950s barbershop, Uppercut Deluxe is a modern, yet traditional approach to men's grooming. An Australian brand made with the best ingredients, Uppercut Deluxe offers a basic line of high quality beauty products for men.
The brand was built by the creative brains, passion and hard work of Luke Newman and Steve Purcell, childhood friends in love with barbershop, surfing and skate.
Their first product, "Pomada Deluxe", is born through a frustration of these young barbers when they used in their customers products specially formulated for the man's wife rather than the man himself.

  1. Uppercut - Deluxe Featherweight 70g
  2. Uppercut - Deluxe Matte Pomade 100g
  3. Uppercut - Deluxe Pomade 100g
  4. Uppercut - Deluxe Easy Hold 90g
  5. Uppercut - Deluxe Beard Balm 100mL
  6. Uppercut - Deluxe Clay 60g
  7. Uppercut - Deluxe Matte Pomade 30g
  8. Uppercut - Exfoliating Cleanser 120mL
  9. Uppercut - Aftershave Cologne 100mL
  10. Uppercut - Deluxe Salt Spray 150mL
  11. Uppercut - Clear Scalp Shampoo 240mL
  12. Uppercut - Strength and Restore Shampoo 240mL
  13. Uppercut - Foam Tonic 150mL
  14. Uppercut - Detox and Degrease Shampoo 240mL
  15. Uppercut - Deluxe Clay 25g
  16. Uppercut - Deluxe Styling Powder 20g
  17. Uppercut - Deluxe Beard Oil 30mL
  18. Uppercut - Strength and Restore Conditioner 240mL
  19. Uppercut - Hydrating Moisturiser 120mL
  20. Uppercut - Deluxe Pomade 30g
  21. Uppercut - Quiff Roller 1 un.
  22. Uppercut - 3 in 1 Wash 240mL
  23. Uppercut - Deluxe Shave Cream 120g
  24. Uppercut - Clear Shave Gel 120mL
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