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SweetCare was born in 2008, being the first online store selling cosmetic and beauty products in Portugal.

If you are as passionate about cosmetics and makeup as we are, we have the sweetest challenge for you!
Work with us and have exclusive access to news and discounts from the main cosmetic brands!

SweetBuzz is SweetCare's partnership program aimed at everyone who wants to join us, in the promotion of our store, the products we sell and the actions we develop.

Doing what you like, without any cost, you can earn money, products, privileged information, ...

All in a way adapted to your preference, profile and performance!

This form of partnership is ideal for you, who love to whisper your discoveries, opinions and special tips, for you who loves to disclose what you consider to be the true must-have of this moment and influence the purchase of your followers.

As an opinion maker, you should associate with stores that are a reference in terms of the diversity of offer, the exclusive launching of new products, trends, campaigns and, that work daily to conquer, more and more, their customers.

Enjoy the exclusive opportunity to access +400 brands! We guarantee that your followers will love it!

The market has already chosen SweetCare as the reference store in Portuguese! Do not miss the opportunity to join this successful project too!

How does it work?

To comments, videos or posts on your blog, facebook, twitter, youtube ... add value by associating the link (s) to the related products of our store.
If you recommend them, someone from your network will buy them.

For each effective purchase that comes from your links, you can earn a sales commission or, improve your affiliate performance and access a set of offers, discounts, increasing commissions, benefits for your readers or even, paid advertising by our store!

  • 10% discount on recommended PVP for purchases made on our website 
  • Updated information on news, events and promotions.
  • Exclusive Offers
  • Commission on each sale generated (excluding postage) on shares
  • Extra Gift Kit within all orders from your followers!

The more you dedicate time, the more you have to win!

Do I grow with SweetCare?

SweetBuzz is a dynamic program, which is adjusted to your profile and activity, depending on performance evaluations.

If successful, SweetCare promotes you to the SweetBuzz Premium selection, a very special group of partners with interventions in our store, newsletters, blog and facebook page, and with exclusive actions on their social media pages.

We'll be delighted to see you grow and actively participate in your development!


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