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The ideal care for the monitoring of dermatological treatments. Ducray provides perfect cares for the relief and care of scaly states (seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis ...), hair loss, through the sensitive scalps, providing a response tailored to each situation combining pharmaceutical safety to experience.
Enjoyable formulas and effective cares with a single objective - Your hair and skin care.
DUCRAY - The perfect symbiose between dermatology and cosmetics

  1. Ducray - Anacaps Expert Food Supplement for Chronic Hair Loss 3x30 caps 1 un.
  2. Ducray - Kelual DS Shampoo Seborrheic Dermatitis 100mL
  3. Ducray - Anaphase + Stimulating Shampoo Hair Loss 400mL
  4. Ducray - Creastim Occasional Hair Loss Treatment Lotion 60mL
  5. Ducray - Anaphase + Fortifiant Strengthening Conditioner 200mL
  6. Ducray - Keracnyl PP+ Anti-Blemish Soothing Cream 30mL
  7. Ducray - Hidrosis Antiperspirant Roll-On for Armpits 40mL
  8. Ducray - Keracnyl Glycolic + Unclogging Cream 30mL
  9. Ducray - Melascreen Anti-Spots Concentrate 30mL
  10. Ducray - Keracnyl Foaming Gel for Oily to Acne Prone Skin 200mL
  11. Ducray - Hidrosis Antiperspirant Cream 50mL
  12. Ducray - Extra-Doux Dermo-Protective Shampoo Frequent Use 400mL
  13. Ducray - Keracnyl Serum Adult Blemish Prone Skin 30mL
  14. Ducray - Kelual DS Cream Seborrheic Dermatitis 40mL
  15. Ducray - Dexyane Med Repair Cream 100mL
  16. Ducray - Kertyol P.S.O. Rebalancing Treatment Shampoo 200mL
  17. Ducray - Melascreen Photo-Aging Global Serum 30mL
  18. Ducray - Anacaps Reactiv Food Suplement for Reactional Hair Loss 3x30 Caps 1 un.
  19. Ducray - Neoptide Expert Serum 2x50 mL 1 un.
  20. Ducray - Keracnyl Foaming Gel for Oily to Acne Prone Skin 400mL
  21. Ducray - Tonifying Gel 30mL


    Tonifying Gel 30mL

    $ 15.76 $ 21.02 

  22. Ducray - Elution Dermo-Protective Shampoo 400mL
  23. Ducray - Dexyane Eczema Emollient Cream 400mL
  24. Ducray - Melascreen Photoprotection Light Cream 50mL SPF50+
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