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The 4 Season Exquisite Answer for Healthy Hair!

12 July 2022

Sweet Box HAIRCARE was created with the aim of providing a complementary response to your usual routine, with products to balance, clean, repair, nourish and protect!


Taking care of your hair is taking care of your well-being. We must identify the state of our scalp and realize that its balance is very important to have healthy and beautiful hair!

When we decided to create the HAIRCARE Sweet Box, the main goal was to give a complementary answer to your daily routine. Balance, cleanse, sublimate, stimulate, moisturize, nourish, repair, protect... were the keywords we chose to respond to the needs of your hair.

Knowing that there are specific routines for different types of hair and states (straight, curly, oily, with dandruff, colored, dry, damaged ...) we have carefully chosen 6 products that you can include in your routine. 

SweetBox HairCare

Get to know the answer that SweetCare has chosen for you


PHYTO | Phytotherathrie Polléine Botanical Concentrate | Revitalizing, enriched in essential oils that rebalance and purify the scalp in depth.

PHYTO | Scalp brush | Massage and clean the scalp stimulating microcirculation and promoting hair growth.


LAZARTIGUE | Fortify Shampoo | Prevents and stops hair loss and at the same time accelerates its growth

KÉRASTASE | Elixir Ultime Bain Shampoo | A sensual texture, a precious touch... for a radiant shine and opulent volume!



OLAPLEX | Nº 3 Aperfeiçoador Capilar | Is for all hair types & all colors of the rainbow! Keep your hair healthy & strong with the best hair maintenance and repair treatment for home use.


RENE FURTERER | Karité Nutri Day Cream | Used without rinsing, this non-greasy, rich and velvety cream moisturizes and enhances dry hair for everyday use.


NUXE |Sun Moisturising Milky Oil for Hair | A delicious biphasic oil that protects hair and scalp from UV, salt and chlorine.


Now just buy the HAIRCARE Sweet Box and use each product at the time you find most appropriate for the condition of your hair. 



We should always create moments of pleasure and take care of our skin, body, hair and mind! Thus, all Sweet Boxes have this purpose: boost your self-esteem and the levels of happiness!

Nobody wakes up with perfect hair. How many times we leave home without brushing our hair (it's just a touch)? We simply pick our hair because it looks ugly… or how many times we don't wash our hair because we don't have time (just one more day…)? 

The hair can be the mirror of the soul... We may think it is a cliché but it is true! Throughout the year when we are faced with overwork, stress, fatigue, when we are more depressed for various reasons... the body gives warning signs. We must be attentive to these signals to be able to act soon and balance our whole body.

Our hair also gives us some warning signs when:

  • we notice that our hair is falling out more, 
  • we feel that our hair is weaker
  • we see that our hair has less vitality and shine
  • we feel irritation on the scalp,
  • simply, the hair looks different. 

A healthy lifestyle is important for the entire balance of our body, including our hair! Having a balanced diet, practicing sports (even if it's just walking), sleeping well, laughing a lot, surrounding ourselves with people who make us feel good and helping those in need, are small decisions that are within our reach and can improve our physical and mental state! 

We often associate going to the hairdresser as therapy… as we should! Because we are dedicating some time to ourselves, or we are going to rest or talk, and at the same time we are going to change our look (new cut, new color, new style...) in order to feel good! A change of look can start in the hair and generate a wave of change in the direction of our state... for the better!!

Uma mudança de look pode começar nos cabelos e gerar uma onda de mudança de direção do nosso estado… para melhor!!


On the other hand, there are many other reasons that can lead to an imbalance of our scalp and/or hair condition:

  • coloring, 
  • use of curlers, 
  • excessive styling,
  • sun exposure, 
  • chlorine,
  • salt, 
  • use of inappropriate products,
  • etc.


We should always try to use products that care for, protect, and repair our hair from the damages it is subjected to.