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New Nordic | The Brand That Values Your Hair

06 March 2023

New Nordic is passionate about the healing power of nature and with 30 years of experience its award-winning hair care range is designed to improve and restore fine, dry or damaged hair with its all-natural active ingredients.


In general, we (women) spend too much time and effort taking care of our hair. We usually search for the best products, trends, or even the best procedures to make our hair look exactly how we pictured it. This is because hair empowers us, reflects how we feel, and says much about our personality - more than we could imagine. 

New Nordic

However, especially when choosing what products to use, it's vital to consider a variety of factors. Shiny, healthy hair requires nutritive treatments that work from the roots up, which will unquestionably enhance how it looks and how your hair actually is - from the inside out.

With an outstanding knowledge of medicinal plants, New Nordic is a Swedish company that creates and successfully offers herbal products, intending to focus not only on the aesthetic level but also on individual health.

That being the case, New Nordic developed the perfect hair range for everyone who wants a natural and voluminous look - the Hair Volume.



There is one main word that is at the core of this line - nutrition. According to New Nordic, the "aesthetic" aspect only comes once your hair is healthy from the roots up since it will have enough nutrients to be glossy and appealing.

As a consequence, and focusing also on long-term effects, the brand designed this range so that your hair can meet the proper levels of nutrients needed. Hair Volume includes shampoo, conditioner, serum, mask, and supplements.

The five products contain apple and amino acids as primary ingredients, which are responsible for adding volume, density, and moisture while repairing and strengthening the hair. In addition, these components also prevent hair loss and are ideal for enhancing the shine of your hair, strengthening the hair strands, and stimulating the scalp.

  With this New Nordic line, you will achieve the hair you always wanted, focusing on luminosity, brightness, and health.