28 March 2018

8 korean inventions that have come to stay!

Korean innovations have come to stay with some of the best products in the field of beauty! Find out which ones and brands have embraced them!


Korean beauty industry is responsible for some of the best innovations that exist on the beauty market today. In fact, many of the Western beauty brands have adopted Korean trends and today, we find many products that are the result of this heritage.

Learn about the 8 best Korean influence products you can find at our store!



The BB cream have emerged with the aim of combining the treatment of skin with a light coverage correction product and improve the complexion. Currently, almost all brands offer bb creams and we select some options that offer different valences. The Sports bb broad spf 50+ wetforce sun care with color from Shiseido (1.) combines the sunscreen with the formula BB, ideal for the practice of sports and outdoor activities. Already the Bb-perfect anti-ageing beauty balm spf15 from Filorga (2) combine various actions in one product: moisturizing, anti-aging, softening and Anti-redness. In addition it has a skin enhancer effect, with pigments and soft-focus of last generation that allow a transparent cover to conserve the natural texture and brightness of the skin.  The Erborian Bb cream au ginseng 5in1 treatment and makeup cream baby skin effect(3.) is the perfect expression of the natural skin tone: its coloring acts like a chameleon and merges with the natural color of the complexion. For the sensitive and rosacea skins, the Bioderma - Sensibio ar bb cream for redness skin  (4.) is ideal since it has the Rosactiv ® patent, D.A.F. complex and sunscreens encapsulated SPF30-17 GRAPE and natural color pigments clear that suit most skin tones. Thinking of the skins with imperfections, the SVR - Sebiaclear bb cream spf20 (5) pretty skin care, which allows check immediately a beautiful finish, camouflaging imperfections while treat.



The Sheet Masks are one of the essentials products in a Korean routine and the options are endless! Allow an immediate energy boost, are easy and practical to use. Also, we've done a magazine about them! (link).

For hydration, a basic care for all skin types, of all ages, like Moisturizing mask - Sesderma (1.) because it is soaked in a solution of hyaluronic acid (with 3 different molecular weights) and panthenol acid encapsulated lipid spheres, which moisturizes the skin in depth, improving its texture and luminosity. Thinking of the oily skin, we recommend the Isdin - Maskream mattifying hydrogel mask for oily skins (2.)  thanks to its power concentrate of active ingredients to help reduce the shine and the imperfections and has a balancing action.  Already the Advanced night repair mask technology powerfoil concentration of Estee Lauder (3) is a high-performance mask which creates a protective barrier, allowing the powerful technologies in every care of Ma's penetrate quickly and deep into the surface of the skin. To get an instant firming effect, Filorga has created a Time-filler lifting effect sheet mask(4), which provides intensive regeneration and an immediate smoothing of the skin.



The benefits of snail slime are well known in Korean cosmetic brands that offer entire ranges with this key ingredient.

You can find this ingredient in Armonia Natural - Helix active renewal facial serum (1) which is a facial serum that regenerates, nourishes and hydrates the superficial layers of the skin in depth, fighting effectively wrinkles, and diminishing the spots!  Endocarer is another brand wher yu may find snail slime in the list of ingredients and the Tensage regenerating firming ampoules (2.) are fabulous for mature,aged and sagging skin, with hyper pigmentation and lack of luminosity.



Fermented Ingredients are the basis of some products and Korean brands once they claim that fermentation is a process that makes the best ingredients to be better absorved by the skin and fighting unwanted bacteria with probiotics. The Sesderma - Acglicolic classic moisturizing gel(1) is moisturizer that stimulates the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid. The Vichy - Peeling radiance activating peeling for night (2.) is ideal for those with dull skin, with light spots and some wrinkles but still sensitive, since it allows you to perform a delicate chemical exfoliation. The renowned Estee Lauder - Advanced night repair synchronized (3) promotes cellular repair process synchronization and enhances the protection of the skin, still manages to repair existing damage on the skin, and combat the harmful effects of aggressive agents such as UV radiation, smoking and pollution, for the neutralization of about 90% of the free radicals. The recently released Vichy - Slow âge spf 25 daily correcting care for the developing signs of ageing (4.) is an innovative anti-aging care that slows down the aging of the skin and of the signs of age who are developping, due to the harmful effects of the environment and daily life (UV rays, pollution, stress, fatigue, tobacco or sleep disorders).



Essences are a mandatory part of any  Korean beauty routine. Not to be confused with tonic, since they are designed to give hydration and energy to the skin before application of any treatment products!

For instant comfort, revitalized and renewed skin, try the Lancome - Hydra zen beauty essence moisturizing lotion(1.). For more mature skins, and in combating wrinkles and dryness, the Shiseido - Benefiance wrinkle resist24 energizing essence (2.) is an anti-aging serum that ensures skin hydration and strength, filled and enhanced brightness. For dull skins with dark spots, Caudalie - Vinoperfect concentrated brightening essence (3.) is the proper choice since it allows you to prepare your skin for the application of serum, providing you with a set of ingredients that will help enhance the effectiveness of all products. Finally, the Filorga - Nctf essence supreme regeneration lotion(4.) is a lotion that allows you to prepare your skin and enhance the effectiveness of anti-aging care applied then. This contains hyaluronic acid and NCTF simultaneously at a concentration similar to that used in injectable treatments, allowing a polirrevitalizante action, with full effectiveness in wrinkles, firmness, consistency, pores and hydration.



In the field of makeup, it is impossible to speak of Korean beauty products and not think of the cushion compact. Portable, perfect for light enhancing and, and easy to use, are one of the products found in many brands of the market.

For a porcelain skin, the gel touch base cushion beiges Les 9toque gel Pact spf25 Chanel (2) or the Miracle sponge cushion compact fluid Lancome (1) are perfect. If you have oily skin, you may prefer the Diorskin forever perfect cushion Dior mate (4). And if you want to combine sunscreen with the finish of a base, the 360° color cushion base spf 50 + compact Heliocare (3.) is the right choice!



The powder Scrubs are kinder to the skin, due to its finer particles activated by water that can find in newly released Pureté sublime Exfoliating powder for all skin types of the Galenic (1.) a delicate powder and Immaculate appearance, which turns into a thin foam so it is massaged with water!

The Silky purifying peeling Sensai powder (2.) contains enzymes that form a soft foam and allow the removal of all impurities and dead cells, for a clean and smooth skin! Gives a pleasant sensation of skin hydrated after application!


We love Sleeping Masks even dedicated also a magazine totally to this product that works while you sleep! (see the magazine here). Unlike traditional masks, is supposed to be allowed to operate at night and usually, the texture is light, gel type.

The ibuki beauty sleeping mask of Shiseido (1.) is perfect for skin radiant, refreshed and rested when you wake up! With a unique formulation brings together a full night's sleep in a small and precious bottle, this is the ideal mask for a deep and revitalising beauty sleep. The Sleeping bb mask mask invigorating night of Erborian (2.) is an invigorating night mask effect "baby skin", provides an S.O.S. repair of tired skins.  The real meaning of the concept "beauty sleep" is this The skin caviar collection night firming mask of La Prairie (3), a luxurious mask moisturizes and firms and merges into the skin immediately, making the your magic overnight. The Lancôme also has the option of your mask and night with Énergie de vie night night recovery mask (4.), sos care gel mask that recovers energy and hydration in just 10 minutes!


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