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Discover the abc for damaged hair treatment

22 November 2021

Redken presents a brand new solution for damaged hair, an SOS treatment that will repair even the hair that seems to have no other solution but to cut it! Acidic Bonding Concentrate: the 'ABC' for strong and healthy hair!

abc Acidic Bonding Concentrate redken


Damaged and dry hair are some of the most frustrating and common hair-related concerns. The truth is, it's not surprising. After all, hair gets damaged for a variety of reasons, from coloring or bleaching services, excessive use of heat tools, or even due to sun or wind exposure.

If you have dry or damaged hair it is important to know that you can moisturize, strengthen or restore the hair strand with the right hair treatment. Now Redken's new range makes it easier for you to repair damaged hair with immediate results, offering a total transformation. Discover Redken's most powerful multi-benefit hair treatment. Available March 2021, Acidic Bonding Concentrate is the moisturizing and repairing range for all hair types and textures. This concentrated multi-benefit range offers maximum repair, intense smoothness and protection against color fading. 


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The treatment is based on a three-step regimen where citric acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid, is the key element of this range. This technology strengthens the weakened bonds in the hair and improves the strength and resilience of damaged hair with immediately visible results. When used in the range's three treatments, shampoo, conditioner and leave-in, the pH-balancing formulas provide hair with the intense softness and maximum repair that dry and damaged hair needs. In addition to these benefits, this range is also suitable for color enthusiasts, as it is also a color treatment that fights color fading and contains no sulfates.


Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate routine


Experience immediate results and the ultimate transformation with 56% less hair breakage, 86% less visible split ends and up to 11x smoother hair with the use of the Acidic Bonding Concentrate range.