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Aquasource everplump night mask - Biotherm

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    Biotherm Aquasource everplump night mask 75ml
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Biotherm - Aquasource everplump night mask 75ml

Biotherm - Aquasource everplump night




When you sleep, your skin keeps working throughout the night. In this period, the it tends to regenerate even faster; but it can also lose more water.

To take advantage of this time of the day, Biotherm has created the Aquasource everplump night mask!

A second barrier that will leave your skin perfectly repaired during the night!

The elastic gel texture from this product fits perfectly to the contours of your face, returning it's firmness and softness.

The algae extracts grown in absence of light have the ability to produce energy-generating molecules in these conditions; promoting your skin regeneration. Also, this mask contains trehalose and adenosine, which together allow the filling and hydration of your skin.

Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones.

How to Use






Apply in the dark, before sleep; spreading a generous amount on face and massaging in circular motions, for about 2 minutes; until the formula is totally absorbed by the skin.


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