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Biotherm suncare, the ideal protection for your skin and for the oceans!


Biotherm leverages technology to amplify the power of nature and relies on key actives that are more potent, more natural, and more sustainable. 


Brand founded in 1952 and specialized in research, development and manufacture of skincare face and body products, for both man and woman. Pure Thermal Plankton has been the key to all Biotherm products where unique regenerative, reparative, protective and soothing properties of aquatic actives gather in cosmetic advanced solutions for skincare with exceptional fresh and pleasurable textures. Biotherm, 60 years of unparalleled skincare!

  1. Biotherm - Deo Pure Invisible Antiperspirant Roll-On 75mL
  2. Biotherm - Life Plankton Soothing Mask for Sensitive Skin 75mL
  3. Biotherm - L'Eau, Fragrance of Lait Corporel 100mL
  4. Biotherm - Deo Pure Natural Protect Roll-On 75mL
  5. Biotherm - Lait Corporel L' Original Anti-Drying Body Milk 400mL
  6. Biotherm - Celluli Eraser Slimming Gel 200mL
  7. Biotherm - BT Uplift Day Cream 50 mL + Night Cream 15 mL + LP Elixir 7 mL + Eye Cream 5 mL 1 un.
  8. Biotherm - Deo Pure Antiperspirant 75mL
  9. Biotherm - Biomains Hand Cream 100mL
  10. Biotherm - Deo Pure Antiperspirant Stick 40mL
  11. Biotherm - Blue Therapy Night Cream 50mL
  12. Biotherm - Aquasource 50mL + Night Spa Baume 15mL + LP Eye 5mL + LP Elixir 7mL 1 un.
  13. Biotherm - Aqua Glow Super Concentrate 50mL
  14. Biotherm - Biosource Purifying & Make-Up Removing Milk Normal to Combination Skin 400mL
  15. Biotherm - Blue Therapy Amber Algae Revitalize Day 50mL
  16. Biotherm - Blue Therapy Uplift Day Cream 50mL
  17. Biotherm - Life Plankton Eye Sensitive Skin 15mL
  18. Biotherm - Biosource Total Renew Oil for Makeup Removal 200mL
  19. Biotherm - Lait Corporel Roll-On Deodorant 75mL
  20. Biotherm - Aqua Pure Super Concentrate 50mL
  21. Biotherm - Blue Therapy Multi-Defender Normal Skin 50mL SPF25
  22. Biotherm - Life Plankton Elixir Serum 30mL
  23. Biotherm - Cera Repair Cream-to-Foam Barrier Cleanser 150mL
  24. Biotherm - Aquasource Aura Concentrate Serum for Dry Skin 50mL
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