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Magnesium ok pills - Wassen

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    Wassen Magnesium ok 30 pills
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Wassen - Magnesium ok 30 pills

Magnesium ok pills - Wassen

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Magnesium-OK is a dietary supplement that binds magnesium to a complex of minerals and vitamins!
Acts against the tiredness. fatigue and energy recovery.

A strong action in your life, for you to get all your vitality!


The magnesium deficiencies are often related to the pace of modern life, the practice of sport and stress, among others.
The lack of magnesium may reflect in: fatigue, muscle aches, cramps and irritability.

In particular, most sportsmen presents lack of magnesium, since this mineral is heavily eliminated with excessive sweating, as well as the excessive physical exercise and fatigue by accumulation of competitions.

When there is a lack of magnesium, the muscle remains contracted resulting in cramps and fatigue.
For these reasons, it is essential to a proper food supplement magnesium, given its important role neuromuscular level, particularly with regard to the relaxation of the muscles.

Contributes to:
- The reduction of tiredness and fatigue;
- Normal metabolism energy producer;
- The normal functioning of the nervous system and muscle.

How to Use





Take 1 pill per day after meals.
Magnesium-OK is not associated with increased weight. A dietary supplement, such as Magnesium-OK, should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.
For optimization of the effects we recommend continued use of Magnesium-OK for a period of 90 days. However, there is no limitation as to the duration of this dietary supplement.


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