Liftactiv serum 10 eyes and eyelashes - Vichy

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    Vichy Liftactiv serum 10 eyes and eyelashes 15ml
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Vichy - Liftactiv serum 10 eyes and eyelashes 15ml

Vichy - Liftactiv serum 10 yeux & cils




The youth of the look captured in a serum. Adapted to sensitive eyes!

Rejuvenate your look, reaffirm yourself!

Is the first rejuvenating Serum that opens the look and is effective until the end of the eyelashes. The objective?
Give the perfect light to the eye contour, having a lifting effect (and firming creams) and have thicker eyelashes and strengthened!

In its composition contains:

  • 10% Hyaluronic acid and Rhamnose, for a Lifting effect anti-wrinkle and firmness;
  • Micro-particles of mother of Pearl with white reflections-Illuminators, to give light instantly to the look;
  • Ceramides, which are natural constituents, that restores the density of the eyelashes;
  • Thermal Water Vichy quiet yet and regenerative.

How to Use






Remove a drop of Serum and spread at your fingertips.
Close your eyes and apply the product on the boundary by means of light pressure.
Still with the eyes closed, making smoothing movements across the look area, including the eyelashes.
Finish with your eyes closed, putting the index finger under the eyelashes, working the line of tabs up, for an effect of "curved eyelashes".


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