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Beard and Skin Serum - Papillon

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    Papillon Serum Beard and Skin  50 mL
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Papillon - Serum Beard and Skin 50 mL

Serum Beard and Skin - Papillon



This serum has a non-sticky texture and is rapidly absorbed after the application.

The Serum beard and skin from Papillon is a daily care intended for moisturizing both the beard and skin.

It penetrates quickly through the skin and the hair fiber, providing softness and protection!

Its formula also contains extracts of botanical origin that enrich its composition.

If you do not feel the need for an intense hydration, you can use it instead of your daily cream.

How to use

Apply to clean and dry skin.

If desired, you can proceed with the application of your moisturizing cream.


Grooming Essentials for Men's Skin
Grooming Essentials for Men's Skin
Today, men have a universe of options for skincare. If you're a man trying to step up your grooming game, here's a look at what you need!

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