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    Beautyblender Beautyblender Original Makeup Sponge 1 un
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Beautyblender - Beautyblender Original Makeup Sponge 1 un

Beautyblender Original - Beautyblender

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Rea Ann Silva (a renowned make-up artist by celebrities and movie stars) created an accessory for makeup application that will get perform a perfect and flawless result at HD image level.

Beautyblender Original -The innovative sponge for make-up application that provides a perfect, uniform and professional finish!

A sponge born from the necessity by the advance of the new high-definition imaging technology in the film industry, where traditional make-up failed to result because the faults and imperfections have become very visible...

The make-up's best friend!

Beautyblender Original simplifies the application of make-up and makes the wearer a real make-up artist!

The first worldwide ergonomic sponge without edges, that allows a flawless application, with less product waste and with a professional finish.

Patented Form
Allows easy access without fault all areas of the face.

Exclusive Material
Unique and super soft material. Ensures that make-up is not absorbed by the sponge, reducing waste to a uniform application.

360º Manual Finishing 
Smooth and without edges ensures a uniform make-up application, without creating lines or spots.

Minimum Water Retention
Open-cell texture that closes when wet, allowing optimum performance.


How to use

For a perfect application, just follow 3 simple steps:

Wet: Thoroughly wet your beautyblender in water, pressing for maximum absorption.

Squeeze: Squeeze and remove excess water with a towel to keep the firm texture, without absorbing make-up.

Bounce: Apply make-up around the face with little touches without rubbing, until the desired coverage.


Dermablend vs dermablend 3d correction
Dermablend vs dermablend 3d correction
Meet the make-up foundation # 1 in the world, which hides perfectly blemishes, acne and tattoos!
The most wanted on red carpet
The most wanted on red carpet
Meet favorite products from make up artists and used by actresses and Hollywood stars.

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