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Tricovel is an italian hair care brand that is part of the pharmaceutical company Giuliani, which focuses on studying hair and its problems. Thanks to its scientific research in the field of hair loss (Giuliani Anti-Hair Loss Research), Tricovel has become synonymous of effective and safe solutions in the area of trichology. It has a wide range of systemic products (food supplements), topical products (ampoules) and complementary cosmetic products. It's the bestselling hair loss product range in italian pharmacies.

  1. Tricovel - Tricovel Energy Strengthening Shampoo for Man 200mL
  2. Tricovel - Tricovel Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Dry Hair 200mL
  3. Tricovel - Tricovel Energy Men Hair Vials 10x3,5mL
  4. Tricovel - Tricovel Tricoage 45 + Anti-Ageing Hair Vials 10x3,5mL
  5. Tricovel - Tricovel Oil Nourishing Shampoo 200mL