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Tonimer lab, from the Atlantic Ocean, the complete solution based on sea water, for effortless breathing. Rich in trace elements and essential minerals for hydration care and strengthening the natural defenses of the nasal mucosa and throat.




  1. Tonimer - Spray Hypertonic Baby 100mL
  2. Tonimer - Nose Gel 20mL


    Nose Gel 20mL

    $ 17.09 $ 20.10 

  3. Tonimer - Throat Spray 15mL
  4. Tonimer - Baby Nasal Spray 100mL
  5. Tonimer - Hypertonic Aerossol Single-Dose Vials 18x3mL
  6. Tonimer - Hypertonic Nasal Spray 125mL
  7. Tonimer - Normal Nasal Spray 125mL