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    A young and innovative company, intertwines its commitment to natural and sustainable products with a broader social mission. The company actively supports the empowerment of women in Africa, advocating for fair wages, rural development, and gender equality. 100% natural products with significant benefits for the skin. AOK Labs focuses on innovative formulas, authentic and natural products, and aims to create awareness about the importance of ecological products. Committed to environmental care, promoting sustainability and with 100% recyclable packaging. The products are obtained and manufactured without machinery, supporting traditional artisanal techniques and contributing to the local economy while minimizing human impact on the environment.

    1. AOKLabs - African Gold Cream 100mL
    2. AOKLabs - Pure Life Black Radiance Facial Cream 50mL SPF30+
    3. AOKLabs - African Gold Cream 50mL
    4. AOKLabs - Pure Life Moringa Oil Serum 30mL
    5. AOKLabs - Pure Life Baobab Oil Serum 30mL
    6. AOKLabs - African Gold Black Gold Soap 100g
    7. AOKLabs - Pure Life Gel Eye Cream 30mL
    8. AOKLabs - Pure Life Firming Body Milk 250mL
    9. AOKLabs - African Gold Cream 200mL
    10. AOKLabs - Eternal Summer Mawimbi Sunscreen 50mL SPF50
    11. AOKLabs - Pure Life Perfect Night Ampoules 15 un.
    12. AOKLabs - Pure Life Oil Cleaning Gel 2 in 1 200mL
    13. AOKLabs - Eternal Summer Kusafisha Micellar Water 250mL
    14. AOKLabs - Eternal Summer Maisha Glitter Oil 50mL
    15. AOKLabs - Eternal Summer Mawanga CC Cream 50mL SPF35
    16. AOKLabs - Pure Life Oil Cleaning Gel 2 in 1 100mL
    17. AOKLabs - Eternal Summer Bronzgelia Self Tanning 200mL
    18. AOKLabs - Eternal Summer Kusuga Exfoliating Gel 100mL