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Refining makeup primer - Shiseido

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    Shiseido Refining makeup primer 30ml
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Shiseido - Refining makeup primer 30ml

Shiseido - shiseido refining makeup primer




Especially suitable for drier and dehydrated skin, can be used in all types of skin.

Minimizes the visibility of fine lines and uneven tone.


It helps to achieve a smooth and fresh finishing and increases the foundation durability.

It is the ideal product to correct uneven tone and provide a perfect application of foundation.

It spreads easily despite its creamy formula.

Can be used alone or before the foundation.

How to Use






Use after treatment.

Remove a small amount to the fingers and apply on face, eyelids and lips from the center outwards.

Shiseido the Makeup

Created to celebrate and enhance the beauty, Shiseido Makeup, presents an exceptional collection of colors and textures.

So that all women can enjoy a look that suits their personality, Shiseido ensures always a modern and current collection with a wide range of colors and application options.


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last update: 30 October 2015

Buh! beauty on halloween day.
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