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Sesgen 32 Cell Activating Cream Restores Youth Signs - Sesderma

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    Sesderma Sesgen 32 Cell Activating Cream Restores Youth Signs 50 mL
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Sesderma - Sesgen 32 Cell Activating Cream Restores Youth Signs 50 mL

Sesgen 32 Crema Activadora Celular - Sesderma

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Sesgen 32 nourishing cream fights the signs of aging - wrinkles, dehydration and eritrosis - from the nucleus of the cell. Activates the "Clock" genes and prolongs the lifespan of cells.

Gives firmness, hydration and improves its texture and appearance

Composed of two complementary care, a liposomal serum and a nourishing cream, this line aims to activate the genes responsible for cell youth, putting the brand at the forefront of technology in the service of the skin, thanks to its absolutely exceptional formulation:

  • Liposomas of Teprenona, stabilizes the Telomeres and facilitates the action of enzyme telomerase. With this, the changes in gene expression associated with aging are reversed. Thus, slows entry of skin cells in senescence, increasing its useful life in more 1/3.
  • Liposomas of Tripeptido 32, acts on the "clock genes", helping to maintain the balance of the circadian rhythm of the cells, and stimulates the synthesis of DNA repair enzymes.
  • Liposomas of Bifida Lysate Ferment, probiotic bacteria that stimulate the enzyme repairs. So reduce the sensitivity of the skin and increase its resistance.
  • Filagrinol, acts as a key protein in the process of keratinization, to improve skin dehydrated, sensitive, dry and reactive. Unifies the skin surface.
  • Liposomas adenosine, provides the necessary energy for cellular processes activated by ATP, revitalizing the skin.

The wrinkles attenuate, increases the luminosity and unifies skin tone. 

How to use






Apply Sesgen 32 care nutritive cream every day, after applying Sesgen 32 Sérum Liposomal, through a gentle massage, morning and night.

Suitable for dry, sensitice skin.


Sesgen 32 - Sesderma

First anti-aging line of gene action.

Sesgen 32 prolongs cell life, renewing the natural process of cell repair, resincronizando the biological clock.

The wrinkles are attenuated, brightens and unifies skin tone. 

Brings firmness, hydration and improves skin texture.


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