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Nanocare Intimate Revitalizer with Reaffirming and Toning Effect - Sesderma

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    Sesderma Nanocare Intimate Revitalizer 8 Monodosis 5 mL
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Sesderma - Nanocare Intimate Revitalizer 8 Monodosis 5 mL

Nanocare Revitalizante Intimo - Sesderma

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Gel moisturizer especially suitable for vaginal dryness, vaginal muscle distension and for the loss of firmness and tonicity of the intimate area. Rich in firming active principles,

Confers firmness, elasticity and tonicity, significantly improving the comfort and sexual pleasure

The weakening or distention of the muscles of the intimate zone, caused by skin aging or childbirth, can cause urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunction, vaginal collapse, leading to a loss of self-esteem and a change in the quality of life of women.


Composition: Glycerin, jojoba oil,TGF-B2,Sh-polipetide Sh-7 polipetide 45,Ireland moss,hyaluronic acid, ceramides, empty liposomesburdock extract, Shea butter, lactic acid, DMAE, ergotioneina, lactoferrin,soy extract, Coenzyme Q10.


How to use






Apply directly by cánula.

The application must be made in a horizontal position and preferably at bedtime.

It's recommended to wait a few minutes, before get up.

Shock treatment: 3 times per week for 6 weeks.

Maintenance treatment: reduce to a single application per week.


Nanocare - Sesderma

Sesderma Laboratories launches an innovative approach to intimate care female - Nanocare Intimate - the first gynecological line developed in an innovative way incorporating nanotechnology for the specific care of intimate zone.


Menopause | skin care & wellness tips
Menopause | skin care & wellness tips
This phase of woman's life - menopause - marks the end of the fertile age, and it comes with some unpleasant symptoms, At SweetCare we have the best care give back your comfort!

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