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Hidraven Dermatological Soapless Soap with Oatmeal - Sesderma

Discontinued Product.
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Hidraven dermatological soapless soap is indicated for the daily cleansing of the face and body of all skin types, especially sensitive skin or intolerant to soap.

Formulated with pH = 5.5 features an excellent skin tolerance.

With an excelent tolerance, thanks for its rich composition in natural plant extracts


Contains chamomile extract, oatmeal and mimosa, Aloe vera and triclosan, giving soothing and moisturizing, antibacterial properties.

How to use






Apply on the skin previously moistened, lather and rinse with water.

Suitable for all skin types, specially the sensitive acne prone skin.


Hidraven - Sesderma

Hidraven is a line of cleaning, suitable for all types of skins, especially the more sensitive or intolerant to soap.

This line offers cleaning and make-up care for the face and body, and have relaxing and soothing properties.

It's available in various textures so you can choose the most comfortable and practical.



The best make-up removers and face cleansers!
The best make-up removers and face cleansers!
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