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Curbicia Regulating Shampoo - René Furterer

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    Rene Furterer Curbicia Regulating Shampoo for Scalp Prone to Oiliness 150 mL
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René Furterer - Curbicia Regulating Shampoo for Scalp Prone to Oiliness 150 mL

Curbicia Shampooing Normalisant Légèreté - René Furterer

Rene Furterer


Curbicia extract (hydrolyzed pumpkin seeds) has an active vegetable ingredient with anti-seborrheic properties.

The curbicia, is optimized by the association of the essential oils of clove, thyme, rosemary and sweet orange with antifungal and balancing properties.

The scalp finds its balance and the hairs reflects lightness and brightness!

A purifying shampoo that leaves the hair and scalp clean and fresh!

The hair becomes more easy to manage, and the frequency of washing decreases.

Suitable for hair and scalp prone to oiliness.

100% Natural Vegetal Origin. 

How to use

Rene Furterer




Apply on wet hair and scalp 1 to 2 times per week. 

Massage and leave to act for 3 minutes.

Remove with plenty of water.



Curbicia is a line for those who wish to restablish the balance and lightness to the hair, with only two washes a week.

A purifying and fresh line!


How do you tell an oily scalp from an oily-tendency scalp?

You wash your hair practically every day. Your hair feels greasy by the end of the day: you have an oily scalp.

You wash your hair every 2 or 3 days: you have an oily-tendency scalp.


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